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News July 11, 2019

NeoCon 2019 - LINAK showcases 'making unique a standard' for customers

In the 19th year of LINAK's presence at NeoCon, we featured advanced technologies and intelligent solutions that bring electric movement to the office space. Filled with our latest innovations, our showroom was dedicated to providing a special experience for our customers.


The latest products in the LINAK product portfolio were on display at NeoCon 2019, held at The Merchandise Mart in Chicago, Illinois. Nearly a thousand guests visited the LINAK showroom to get a peek at what's next from the leader in sit-stand desk solutions. 

“Our customers live in a competitive market and are continuously asked to provide something new and innovative to the market and their customers,” said Michael Cook, director of the DESKLINE division at LINAK U.S. “With the widest product program on the market, LINAK strives to deliver a special experience to our customers by combining our products, people, and desire to help our customers succeed. The commercial furniture and design community is fast paced and ever-changing. Having a partner that can work with you to customize a solution or create something totally new with a product is paramount to that success.”

Combining aesthetics and functionality

From individual offices and open plan spaces to the growing trend of “resimercial” spaces, LINAK showcased how it can provide movement to keep people active and moving in any environment. Office inhabitants aren’t just spending their time at their desks. They are meeting in collaborative spaces and socializing near the coffee. So, the question is, how can you bring unique motion to those areas and create a more flexible environment?

This battle between aesthetics and functionality was a huge topic of conversation, and became the subject of the latest LINcast episode recorded live from The Mart. Host Gabe Duverge spoke with Ramsey Madsen, President of MTRL, to discuss how designers like Madsen are approaching this challenge in their office design projects. 

Listen to the latest LINcast.

Standing out with digital solutions

Customization via cutting-edge digital solutions featured at the LINAK showroom. As the internet of things evolves, apps have become part of everyday life for many people around the world. In addition, they have also become a tool for customer differentiation. LINAK has years of experience in developing apps and integrating Bluetooth® wireless technology into office desk solutions.

This includes options for LINAK customers to provide a fully tailored app experience with the Software Development Kit (SDK), a lightly customized version of the app, or the ready-to-go standard LINAK desk control app for their customers. NeoCon toured these options and showcased how their attendees could use them for their customers.

New products on the way

For LINAK, Neocon was about us delivering on what designers and customers have been asking for. The industry has been looking for a system that provides a clean design, that is simple to assemble and disassemble and provides a variety of leg shape options. To address these needs LINAK developed a new solution that was featured in the showroom and will be released later this year. This new system focuses on providing a more clean and polished option for the workplace that is also optimized for installation and logistics.

LINAK strives to provide the most dependable height-adjustable desk solutions on the market. With an already impressive anti-collision technology in PIEZO™, which reacts faster than any other known software-based system, LINAK is continuing to advance their solutions to be even more reliable. In the showroom, they featured a new anti-collision offering. The new addition helps measure position and acceleration, ensuring the desk stops securely whether it comes across hard or soft surfaces. It can also be combined with PIEZO, making it easy for customers to add another level of protection for their designs.

“When we start a project with a customer, we work hard to understand their goals and deliver on their expectations. While we focus on the design and functionality of products, we also work closely to create a unique and agile product fulfillment process to support them,” said Cook.

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