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News August 15, 2023

A compact actuator with even more customization options

Addressing applications that require customized interfaces, faster, or silent operation.

LINAK actuator LA33 with focus on high speed, low noise, and full I/O control

One of our bestsellers – the actuator LA33 – is a true midsize actuator that combines compact design and high power in a solution fit for use in industrial settings. And with our new options, it is even more customizable for demanding applications:


Low noise to benefit the work environment

We have reduced the LA33's noise significantly with a new, low-noise gear option. The low and comfortable sound option makes the actuator movement close to unnoticeable – highly suitable for environments and applications where a discreet noise level is important, such as in warehouses, on board yachts, and in vehicles; in short, any set-up where the LA33 works alongside people.


Increased speed

We have added a new gear option for extra speed in our LA33 product portfolio, making this actuator relevant for applications where speed is vital – allowing you to open, close, or make adjustments on lids, doors, outlets, or valves in a shorter amount of time.

By running your LA33 with up to 70 mm/s you can increase your efficiency with faster operation.


New interface for full control

The actuator LA33 has been further updated with the LINAK I/O™ interface, enabling full customization of your linear movement.

The comprehensive features of I/O give you the flexibility to configure and test your software settings again and again - without having to request a new prototype each time. I/O allows you to create smart actuator solutions with tailor-made precision, enhanced diagnostics, and uptime reliability.

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