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Our DL PLUS™ High-speed lifting column adds speed without compromising on sound, load, or self-lock.

The DL PLUS™ High-speed lifting columns take performance to the next level. This addition to the range offers a higher speed without compromising on sound. And what it lifts it can hold: with a self-lock of twice the maximum load, the desk holds its position without sinking. With the addition of these high-speed lifting columns to the comprehensive range of motor-housing columns from LINAK®, you can now meet all your customers’ needs for speed - and for the ultimate in showroom style, you need look no further.


Change position faster

- A high-speed solution for today’s demanding customers

Office workers changing from sitting to standing position at height adjustable table powered by LINAK

For busy office-workers every minute counts and keeping in good shape is the only way to get through a hectic day. That is why sit-stand desks are such a hit. Changing position is simply good for you. Now you can offer your customers an even more user-friendly solution that lets them change position faster.


Higher speed & same discreet sound

- Pleasant sound, even at full load

3 stage LINAK® high-speed lifting column for height adjustable office desk

Good sound is important. That is why we have engineered the new three-part DL PLUS™ High-speed lifting columns to sound as great as they perform – even at full speed under maximum load. Quiet, smooth, and easy on the ear, its discreet sound has been tuned to perfection and signals high-end quality. In a noisy office, every decibel counts!


Full design compatibility & at the speed you need

- Get Plug & Play flexibility with a choice of speeds and columns

LINAK DL PLUS High-speed lifting columns and control boxes – providing 60 mm/sec or 80 mm/sec

Do you need 60 mm/s or 80 mm/s? Combine the DL PLUS™ High-speed column with the 200 W version of the Control Box CBD6S and you get 60 mm/s, or combine the high-speed column with the 300 W version and you get 80 mm/s. As simple as that, this is what we call Plug & Play.

Whether your customers are looking for a standard solution, or tenders specify a faster or high-speed solution, the LINAK DL range has got you covered.


Holds position and speed when fully loaded

- Uncompromising, powerful performance under pressure

Woman standing at fully loaded height adjustable table powered by LINAK system

Tested to deliver a full speed of up to 80 mm/s and a maximum load of 600 N on each single lifting column, the DL PLUS™ High-speed will not let you down in terms of powerful high-load/high-speed performance.

And with a self-lock of twice the maximum load, the desk holds its position without sinking - even during unforeseen extra load.


Smooth accurate positioning

- Even with its higher speed, you get the same soft start and soft stop effect

Precise and smooth adjustment of office table via LINAK Desk Panel DPG and LINAK lifting columns

Part of the smooth movement experience in modern office desks lies in a soft start and soft stop by the lifting columns. This often-overlooked feature eliminates abrupt starts and stops, while also ensuring precise positioning. Your coffee is safe even at full speed with the DL PLUS™ High-speed columns.


Protect your furniture against collision

- Anti-collision solutions put a stop to sudden impacts

An office desk and chair avoid collision thanks to LINAK Desk Sensor 1 Anti-collision solution

With high-speed movement, it is important that your desk knows when there is something in the way that could cause damage, including both hard and soft objects. Two optional anti-collision solutions are available for the DL PLUS™ High-speed columns: The plug-in Desk Sensor™ 1 (DS1) and the built-in, column-integrated PIEZO™. You can offer these solutions individually or together for maximum protection. Learn more here.


A custom finish

- From performance to presentation, the choice is yours

LINAK DL PLUS 3-stage lifting columns DL6, DL19, and DL21 are available as high-speed variants

DL PLUS™ High-speed is available for the DL6 PLUS, DL19 PLUS, and DL21 PLUS lifting columns, so you can configure the best possible system for your ergonomic and adjustable desk designs. The outer appearance of the DL PLUS™ High-speed columns is identical with the popular finishes of the DL PLUS™ columns, with the added power of hidden high-speed technology.

Thanks to LINAK Plug & Play™, the lifting columns can easily be combined with the LINAK Kick & Click™ top frame and DESKLIFT™ Feet (DL Feet) to get a complete full-frame solution.


Rise to the occasion

- Raising expectations across the board for quality desk lift performance

Comparison of speed levels for height adjustable office desks: 40 mm/sec, 60 mm/sec and 80 mm/sec

With the addition of the new DL PLUS™ High-speed lifting column, the LINAK range of motor-housing columns can cater to all your customers’ needs. From the popular DL workhorse to the design-conscious DL PLUS™ and its new high-speed option, the DL PLUS™ High-speed, you get powerful LINAK quality and performance at exactly the level you need.


When you want your desk solutions to stand out for long-life reliability you can always trust the LINAK DESKLINE® range to rise to the occasion.

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