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LINAK Communication Interface

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LCi on desktop and LINAK products

Bluetooth® or Wired Communication

LCi is a communication protocol that allows OEMs to pull information from and send commands to LINAK control boxes over a wired (UART) or wireless (Bluetooth) interface

LCi used in LINAK control box
LCi used in LINAK control box

Pull live system data from LINAK Systems

Pull system status information to quickly identify systems that need troubleshooting, cleaning, service, or have status notifications, like low battery or pair Bluetooth to securely allow authorized users to read usage history, actuator status, and more.


Send commands to LINAK Systems

LCi enables OEMs to develop their own system commands as well, allowing more customizable actuator control than ever before  all from a custom interface designed by your team.

LCi used in LINAK control box
LCi illustration

Complete control over UI and features

Because LCi is just the framework for communication with LINAK control boxes, OEMs have full control over the customization of their integration allowing them to develop exactly the tool or product that best suits their business.


Included with a OneConnect Subscription

Since OneConnect is built on the LCi framework and communicates using this technology, both OneConnect and LCi access are bundled together in one subscription.

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LCi mobile app


Example use cases for LCi

  • Developing a muscle rehabilitation device to communicate patient progress from a database to limit the movement range of a limb during therapy.
  • Developing a custom touch screen interface that displays system battery level, and patient weight from a scale system, and allows movement of various components in the system.
  • Transferring the status (service needed, low battery, system error, cleaning required, safe status) of all medical beds in a facility to a database via a Bluetooth router.

NOTE: LCi is a development kit that requires significant programming expertise and a firm understanding of UART or Bluetooth communication and may not be right for every OEM. Click “learn more” to contact our team and we’d be happy to discuss your project in detail. LCi is compatible over Bluetooth with COL50, CO71, CO61 (select versions), CA63, and CO53 (select versions) or via wired connection with COL50, CO71, CO61, CO53, and CO65.


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