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CAL40 and CAL40+ for maximum project flexibility. The LIFT40 control box program is available in two versions: the fully featured, three channel CAL40+ and entry level CAL40, which has a maximum of two channels. Both control boxes are part of the LIFT40 product series specially developed for patient lifts.
The series consists of a control box CAL40+ or CAL40, a battery BAL40, and an external charger CHL40.


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CAL40+ and CAL40 – a choice of levels
The CAL40+ and CAL40 control boxes are ergonomically designed with carers in mind, with streamlined looks and practical, easy-to-use interfaces that simply make life less complicated. Both control boxes meet the patient’s need for a safe and comfortable lift.

Ergonomic design that stands out
The CAL40+ and CAL40 are housed in a modern and intuitive ergonomic package for fast and easy battery exchange. An updated design with a clean white surface reduces visual noise, making it easy to integrate LIFT40™ into your next patient lift design.

Next generation washability
To aid our common fight against bacteria, it’s important that patient lifts can survive more aggressive washing conditions. With the IPX6 standard of CAL40 and 40+’s , the LIFT40™ system is water-spray and wipe-down resistant.

Digitally enabled CAL40+
The fully featured CAL40+ allows you to take advantage of tomorrow’s communication opportunities, with optional wireless control, and Bluetooth® for upcoming capabilities like usage and service data.

Onsite programming
Get on-site, instant programming for special solutions with SoftCon2 OpenBus protocol.

3 channel flexibility with CAL40+
Equipped with 3 channels, the CAL40 gives you fingertip control over up to three independent actuators, to give maximum flexibility for positioning and lifting.

Entry level CAL40 with fewer channels
When your design needs straightforward control, the CAL40 is the right choice, with a maximum of 2 channels it is ideal for entry-level lift designs.

Easy-to-replace battery
BAL40 makes changing lead acid batteries simple and efficient. After lifting the easily accessible handle, it’s simple to lift the battery from its holder and conveniently carry it to its charging station.

Internal battery charger
CAL40+ and CAL40 are available with internal charger and without internal charger. The internal SMPS charger makes the battery charging very efficient. Typically, the BAL40 charging time is approx. 4-5 hours from fully discharged state.

CAL40+ Functionality
The CAL40+ control box gives the possibility to

  • Customize software by use of Softcon2
  • Choose a plug and play solution based on LINAK standard or customized configurations

Highlights at a glance

  • Modern design that stands out, while fitting in with your design
  • IPX6 standard, the LIFT40 system is water spray and wipe down resistant
  • Cable management for function and appearance
  • Redundant control
  • Emergency stop designed for easy access and to avoid unintended activation

CAL40+ only

  • Bluetooth® data exchange for tomorrow’s communication opportunities
  • Service and overload indicator for maintenance and safety
  • SoftCon2-ready for on-location software customization

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CAL40 data sheet

View the data sheet as an online magazine or download the PDF.

LIFT™ user manual

This user manual will tell you how to install, use and maintain your LINAK electronics.

LIFT40™ OnePager

Next generation of adjustment systems for patient lifts.

LIFT™ brochure

A LIFT™ solution means nothing without LINAK. Next generation State of the Art solution for adjustment systems for patient lifts with LIFT40™, LIFT40+™ and LIFT50™

Pairing guide LIFT40+™

Step-by-step guide for how to pair your LIFT40+™ system with a LINAK hand control.

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Got a question?

- Our team is ready to assist you with technical information, starting a project and more.

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