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About Linak Responsibility


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We are responsible in what we do – towards customers, employees and the environment. Creating trust and taking care is in our DNA. We improve your life by providing peace of mind.



Responsible behavior creates trust
To us acting responsibly is the very cornerstone of our way of doing business. Our customers’ trust means everything to us, and we are proud to be acknowledged worldwide as a trustworthy partner. What we do, is what we stand for!

How we innovate, manufacture, sell, and distribute our products matters to us. So does the way we offer service, knowledge, and after-sales support to our customers.

Every two years we ask all our employees how they rate the way we do business. All answers are anonymous. We use our employees’ input to continually improve our operations and to sustain good relations with customers as well as our employees.

Proper behavior includes caring for the environment, nature, as well as where people work and live. Visit our CSR section for more information.


The journey towards a sustainable future
Becoming a sustainable company means constantly reviewing how we do things. We have chosen to focus on six areas to drive our sustainability efforts within the Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) categories.

About Linak-The extra mile

Walking the extra mile to help others
Every LINAK employee around the world recognizes and acknowledges the fact that our success depends entirely on the success of our customers. You will experience this regardless of the way you engage with us.

About LINAK Family-owned business

LINAK, family-owned since 1907
Built upon a workshop established more than a 100 years ago by Christian Jensen, LINAK remains a family-owned business to this day. However, going from a small local workshop to an international corporation, the company today rests firmly on a strong set of values.


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