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The LINAK story

It started with a friend in a wheelchair.


In 1976, newly graduated Bent Jensen took over Christian Jensen & Sons, a family business founded by his grandfather. Since its foundation in 1907, the company had evolved very little. Its prime focus was still within agricultural manufacturing – e.g., flat belt pulleys, V-belt pulleys, grinding mills, and forges.

Jensen saw no future in this line of business, so it was with some reluctance he took the job. However, he and his wife, Lene Jensen, gave themselves five years to come up with a new and better business idea.

The idea came to Bent Jensen one day while talking to a friend from his student days. His friend had a disability, and the pair came up with an idea for a way to adjust his wheelchair – and that's how the electric linear actuator was born!

Bent Jensen loved the idea so much that he decided to develop it further. In 1979 – less than a year later – the first prototype appeared. And, when Jensen received the first large order for 2,000 units for forage harvesters, he never looked back.

In 1984, the company name changed to LINAK – short for ‘Lineær Aktuator’. To this day LINAK is still discovering new potential for electric linear actuators.

Christian Jensen establishes a machine shop.
In the town of Nordborg, Denmark, smith Christian Jensen starts his workshop. It grows to include seven employees, who build all types of tools and aids mostly for agricultural use.

Christian Jensen’s grandson, Bent Jensen, takes over.
CEO Bent Jensen is put in charge of the company, now primarily manufacturing flat-belt pulleys, V-belt pulleys, grinding mills, and forges. But the young, newly graduated mechanical engineer has ambitions and gives himself five years to develop a more future-proof idea.

Development of the first electric actuator
After working on the project for a year, Bent Jensen develops the first electric linear actuator, the LA30, designed to improve various applications primarily within agricultural machinery.

First major actuator order
After delivering only small quantities of actuators for small customers in Denmark, the first major order for the LA30 is landed: Taarup Maskinfabrik (known today as Kverneland Group) orders 2,000 actuators for its agricultural machines.

The company changes its name to LINAK®
Owner Bent Jensen decides to rename his growing company, LINAK – a contraction of the words ‘Lineær Aktuator’ (Linear Actuator) – as this fits better with the company’s new prime focus.

First LINAK office outside Denmark.
After a few years collaborating with a Swedish wholesaler, Bent Jensen decides to open LINAK Scandinavia AB in Stockholm.

Electronics introduced
The tentative beginnings of the electronics era as LINAK opens its first electronics department. Primarily to develop control boxes for actuator solutions in hospital beds.

Complete actuator system for hospital and care is introduced
For the first time LINAK presents a complete actuator system for healthcare applications. The system consists of the control box CB10, actuators LA32 and LA28, and a control unit. The system includes an optional battery backup, setting a new standard for hospital beds.
Business is expanding and the need for more subsidiaries grows. The UK and Denmark acquire their own sales offices and by November 1, Germany follows.

LINAK presents the first Control Box with software.
The control box CB10 is launched with software. The versions: CB10M, CB10P, and CB10MP meet the market.
Later the small and compact actuator LA12 is launched.
Two more subsidiaries open – LINAK Benelux in April and LINAK Australia in December.

LINAK US is established
To gain a solid foothold in the USA, LINAK opens a subsidiary in Louisville, Kentucky. The first order of business was to build up a sales network.

First JUMBO® actuator solution is presented.
LINAK introduces JUMBO™ – an actuator system designed specifically for patient lifts.
LINAK Netherlands is established and in July, LINAK France follows – primarily to service OEMs in the healthcare sector.

Finland becomes the door to the Northeast
To serve Finland, and later also potential markets in the Baltic area, Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, LINAK OY opens an office and storage facilities near Helsinki, Finland.
Linear actuator LA31 and control box CB9 are introduced and immediately set new standards for low-noise performance.

New LA34 offers strong and ultra-low-noise movement
As an improvement for patient lifts and other hospital related applications, LINAK launches the LA34. The product sets new standards for durability, noise levels, and introduces several new safety features.
In February, LINAK Malaysia – the first office in the Far East – is established.
In September, LINAK Norway opens in Drammen.

A new world of actuators for desks
With the launch of the desk column DL1, the first complete actuator system for desks is born.

First production facility outside Denmark.
As a direct consequence of a fast-growing market in the US, LINAK opens a manufacturing facility in Louisville, Kentucky.
In July, LINAK Italia opens just a few miles south of Milan.

LINAK awarded Royal Mark of Honour.
In June, LINAK receives the “Mark of Honor of King Frederik the 9th” in recognition of consecutive years of rapidly growing exports and for remarkable success in difficult markets.
LINAK also wins the prestigious “Workplace of the Year” awarded by SID – Denmark’s largest labor union.
Another three subsidiaries are established – Barcelona, Spain, Krakow, Poland, and Auckland, New Zealand.

Gazelle of the Year
Leading Danish financial daily, Borsen, names LINAK "Gazelle of the Year".
New products are launched, including the integrated desk actuator DB1 and the foot control FS2 for healthcare applications.

The first dedicated LINAK segment is created.
Activities in adjustable desks take off, leading to the creation of our first dedicated segment, DESKLINE®.
DESKLINE releases DESKPOWER™ – a system consisting of the lifting units DL4 and DB4, control box CBD4 and control DPA. The system sets the standard for low noise, high speed independent of load, and a long stroke length. The DL4 is also available in all RAL colors.
In September, the LINAK office in Zürich, Switzerland, opens.

LINAK intensifies activities in Japan.
After collaborating with wholesalers in Japan for ten years, LINAK opens an independent subsidiary in Japan.
LINAK TWINDRIVE® is introduced – a dual actuator to make movement in leisure beds even smoother and more comfortable.

LINAK US expands to keep up
Adding another 7,000m² (75,000ft²) to the existing manufacturing facilities in Louisville, Kentucky, LINAK U.S. more than doubles in size to keep up with the growing demand.
DESKLINE® introduces six new products. Among them is the DP1C, a panel with memory function.
Sales offices in China and the Czech Republic are established.

Welcome to OpenBus™ - and to Brazil.
In order to enhance solution flexibility, allow more functions, and create advanced motion control in applications used within healthcare, LINAK develops and introduces the OpenBus™ communication platform.
TECHLINE® launches the powerful actuator LA36.
LINAK opens in São Paulo, Brazil.

LINAK sets up manufacturing in China.
The first actuators (LA27) leave a brand new LINAK manufacturing facility in Shenzhen, China.
In May, an office in Turkey opens.
MEDLINE® & CARELINE® releases the CB20 – the first control box with the OpenBus Communication platform.

Manufacturing starts in Slovakia.
In January, LINAK opens its fourth manufacturing facility. This one in Prešov, Slovakia.

LINAK introduces green initiatives
In order to increase environmental awareness, minimize the company CO₂ footprint, and ultimately save energy, LINAK reveals plans for a solar panel plant featuring a LINAK Solar Tracking System.
LINAK releases ZERO™ - a technology that reduces standby power consumption from 1-2W to 0.1W

New office established in Russia
During the summer, LINAK opens a subsidiary in Russia.

Actuator solution for solar panels introduced
LINAK TECHLINE® presents the actuator LA37 designed for outdoor applications such as solar power plants.
In May, LINAK opens a subsidiary in Seoul, South Korea.

Safety feature for Desk actuators introduced
DESKLINE® launches PIEZO™ - an anti-collision solution for desks and workbenches.
LINAK opens an office in Brunn am Gebirge, Austria.

LINAK increases focus on climate change
2,800 new solar panels are installed at LINAK Headquarters in Denmark, increasing the amount of green energy to 16% of total consumption. LINAK announces plans to become CO₂-neutral by 2029.
LINAK moves to a larger manufacturing facility in Prešov, Slovakia, and DESKLINE® introduces LINAK Desk Control™ – a small piece of software connecting your PC to your desk, reminding the user to either sit or stand.
HM Queen Margrethe II knights LINAK founder, Bent Jensen.

Kick & Click™ and an entirely new control box platform are introduced.
LINAK presents the top frame assembly system, Kick & Click™. It halves the time it usually takes to assemble height adjustable tables.
A brand new control box platform (the CA and CO series) for hospital and medical applications is launched. It eases logistics, aligns worldwide approvals, and generally makes LINAK systems even easier to integrate and use for customers.
LINAK welcomes employee number 2,000.

Round II opens at the headquarters
The second round building at the LINAK compound in Guderup, Denmark, opens. Round II accommodates both the accelerating need for production space, manufacturing automation, and increased activity in several Group functions.

Expanding production in Slovakia and the USA
LINAK inaugurates a large factory expansion at its US location in Louisville, Kentucky. This is followed later the same year by the opening of a major expansion of the facilities in Prešov, Slovakia.

40-year anniversary of the first LINAK® actuator
Through 40 years, LINAK founder and owner Bent Jensen and his wife Lene Jensen have created more than 2,400 jobs, as well as sustained growth and innovation in one of Denmark's most well-run companies.

In November, Bent Jensen received the 2019 Honorary Award from the EY Entrepreneur of the Year committee, for creating jobs and for his tireless efforts for family-owned businesses in Denmark.