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Bent Jensen, CEO & owner - LINAK A/S

We Improve Your Life

Linear movement might be the simplest movement in the world. And yet, perfecting simple is the hardest of challenges.

Since LINAK® founder Bent Jensen came up with the idea for the first electric actuator, in order to help a friend in a wheelchair, every engineer and specialist employed by LINAK have aimed to solve real-life challenges for real people.

To this day our motto, ’We Improve Your Life’, is reflected in everything we do. Whether we engage in product development,  operation, or implementation of technology, we always look for ways to make it easier for our customers to engage in collaborations and partnerships with us, and ultimately improve the lives  and working conditions of end users.

Our solutions move people – their work and their lives. We Improve Your Life!



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LINAK is built on strong business commitments. We consider them as our promise, not only to our customers across the world, but to each other – every day. Learn how our solutions move people – their work and their lives.

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