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With an extensive product range of lifting columns, control boxes and panels, as well as multiple accessories, LINAK® offers customers a wealth of options when designing and creating the perfect system for their adjustable furniture.

Our wide product range is designed for Plug & Play™ meaning that they are easy to integrate, assemble, and use. In this way, almost any product can be combined with another – giving customers full flexibility for their individual furniture designs.

Full frame solutions

For office desk setups, we offer setpacked full frame solutions containing everything that is needed to easily build electric sit-stand desks. Whatever solution you choose, every solution shines with its high quality, technological innovation and design for easy integration.

LINAK® Desk Frame 1 full frame solution is made of three customizable setpacked boxes

Desk Frame 1 - the flexible solution

The flexible Desk Frame 1 concept makes it possible to basically use and combine any DESKLINE® product for obtaining your very own office desk design. Pick and choose between our extensive range of lifting columns, desk panels, top frames and feet variants – all ready for you in three pre-packed boxes.
Desk Frame 2 is the intuitive full frame solution for office desks by LINAK®

Desk Frame 2 - the intuitive solution

The intuitive Desk Frame 2 concept is one of the fastest ways to create a high-quality sit-stand desk. This solution is made of only a few parts, is designed for intuitive assembly and excites with clean design as all wiring is hidden inside the preassembled beam. Choose and combine with matching lifting columns, feet and a desk panel and you are ready to go.

Motor systems

To create a system, you combine as a general rule one or more lifting columns (or actuators) with a control box and a control. Numerous system solutions are possible. However, they all fall into one of four types:

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