Actuator systems for home kitchens and workplaces 

LINAK offers the widest product program on the market when it comes to electric linear actuators for offices, workstations, kitchens and store interiors in general. Our actuator systems are true systems where everything fits. They are easy to integrate into any desk, counter, kitchen cabinet or workstation. It will create a highly adjustable ergonomic workplace aiming to improve both the health and productivity of the user.

Four different motor systems for different needs
If you combine one or more actuators with a control box and a hand control, you have a system. Numerous system solutions are possible. However, they all fall into one of four types of groups:

In-line column systems: meaning that the motor unit is hidden inside the column giving the column a sleek design.

Motor housing systems: meaning that the motor is an angled unit at the top of the product offering a simple way to build a top frame – either of your own design or LINAK Kick & Click™.

Built-in actuator systems: the ideal choice if you want to design and develop the guidance around the actuator mechanism yourself. Allows you full design freedom.

Baselift systems: compact lifting units are typically installed in the base of the application. The units have adjustment ranges of 100 mm, which is enough to fit most users in a stand-stand or sit-sit situation.

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