Actuator systems for comfort furniture
Every bed can be improved. Both robust beds with a heavy box spring mattress as well as lighter slatted beds or recliners can benefit from comfortable electric adjustment. LINAK designs and provides complete modular actuator systems that fit effortlessly into all types of comfort furniture.

Different needs call for different solutions
We offer powerful compact single actuator systems, as well as intelligent dual actuator systems – primarily for comfort beds. Both types of system feature a high lifting capacity to ensure maximum flexibility regardless of your choice of mattress.

  • A single actuator system typically consists of two individual linear actuators that create the movement in the bed, a control box, a hand control and optionally various accessories

  • A dual actuator system is one unit with two integrated motors for adjustment and control box function. Simply connect the hand control and any accessory (optional)

Sustainable systems with a focus on the environment
Environmental considerations are becoming increasingly important. LINAK uses ZERO™ technology to lower standby power consumption to just 0.1W. Our CBH control boxes and TWINDRIVE® motors with external power supply have low standby power as standard. Just look for the ZERO™ icon to denote products that have low standby power consumption.

Enjoy maintenance-free products
Dealing with a leading brand, you can expect quality in every detail. Every LINAK actuator system for comfort furniture undergoes a 100% function test. New products are always put through an extensive series of repetitive tests. The result is that our actuator systems require virtually no maintenance once installed.

Maximize the free space under the application
A LINAK motor system is nicely tucked away under the bed. The systems merge invisibly with the overall application design, and render maximum space underneath the application for easy access to cleaning or space for storage.

Have a question about electric actuator technology?

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