Actuator systems for comfort furniture
Every bed can be improved. Both robust beds with a heavy box spring mattress and the lighter slatted beds or other comfort furniture, such as recliners, can benefit from comfortable electric adjustment. LINAK designs and provides complete modular actuator systems that fit effortlessly into all types of comfort furniture.

Different needs call for different solutions
We offer both standard systems and advanced systems for comfort beds. Both types of system feature a high lifting capacity to ensure maximum flexibility regardless of your choice of mattress.

The Standard actuator system  is for bed systems requiring back and leg adjustment, as well as a range of contemporary features such as Under Bed Light and simultaneous drive. Technically, the Standard system consists of the Standard version of a LINAK® TWINDRIVE® dual actuator  or a LA18 IC single actuator set, combined with a suitable hand control.

The Advanced actuator system is for bed systems requiring not only back and leg adjustment and the other features known from the Standard system, but also additional features such as favorite positions, massage and extra adjustment options. Technically, the Advanced system consists of the Advanced version of a LINAK TWINDRIVE® dual actuator or a LA18 IC single actuator set combined with a suitable hand control, as well as various optional accessories.

Systems overview

10 reasons

We present ten reasons to choose LINAK actuator systems for your adjustable bed.

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