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Mission and Vision

A description of the LINAK purpose & mission, vision & values.

Our purpose & mission
We provide innovative actuation solutions that improve people’s quality of life and working environment.

Our vision 
We will be the global leader in innovative electric actuator systems within our core segments.

Our values
The results LINAK has achieved through the years are based on a set of values, which define what we stand for. We place great importance on our values and every second year we measure how well we live up to them.

  • Customer orientation
    Listening to and understanding our customers’ needs are the key to developing truly innovative solutions. Wherever our customers are, LINAK wants to be present. Our subsidiaries understand the local culture, speak the language and are close to customers in order to serve them in the best possible way.
  • Creativity
    Creative thinking is how LINAK got started in the first place. Creativity goes hand in hand with innovation – both when it comes to developing new solutions and finding new applications for our products. As long as creative ideas result in added value to our customers LINAK will pursue them unremittingly.
  • The will to change
    We live in a rapidly changing world. LINAK is committed to staying at the leading edge of the market. In order to continuously improve and deliver innovative solutions, we stay flexible and open to new challenges and opportunities.
  • Loyalty, openness and honesty
    We are loyal to our values, and we are loyal to our customers. Confidential information stays confidential at LINAK. We interact with each other and with our customers openly and honestly. We are open and honest in all matters pertaining our daily work at LINAK. We discuss the problems we face openly in order to seek better solutions.
  • Enthusiasm and individual efficiency
    Our culture is based on enthusiastic employees always seeking to make a difference for the customer, for the company and for themselves. This includes a dedication to efficiency by using LEAN in the most possible processes in connection with our daily work.
  • Job satisfaction and helpfulness
    LINAK strives for all employees to be satisfied with and proud of the results we achieve. Employees seek and expect influence on their daily work. We take an active interest in the well-being of each other at LINAK. We help, support and encourage each other to reach new heights.
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