Climate control systems

Intelligent electric actuator solutions integrate with a stable climate control system to optimize temperature, humidity and fresh airflow to keep livestock healthy.

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Stable climate control

Intelligent actuators optimize climate control

Livestock in modern stables rely on imperceptible ventilation and effective climate conditioning. Consumers demand improved animal welfare and difficult economic conditions compel farmers to increase efficiency even more. Intelligence in electric actuators for climate control systems can assist farmers in meeting requests by:

  • Giving the climate control system ongoing feedback to keep conditions stable 24-7
  • Allowing the farmer to remotely control climate conditions in various places in the stable
  • Improving efficiency with a low-energy and low-maintenance solution

Weather changes over the year – sometimes even in the span of a single day. To optimize production and keep livestock healthy, farmers need effective climate control. Electric actuator solutions help adjust inlet valves and ventilation dampers and provide ongoing feedback to the climate control system to create perfect conditions in the stable.

Continuous feedback optimizes climate control
LINAK actuators integrate fully with almost any climate control system. Solutions offer ongoing feedback to automate adjustment of fresh airflow, humidity and temperature, or venting of fumes or gases. 

Localize certain conditions with actuators
Small piglets often need temperatures to differ from the ones set for the rest of the stable. Actuators adjusting cover lifts can also offer shielding from direct ventilation. Integrated with the climate control system, the farmer will be able to obtain precise local feedback from the stable as well as automate and remotely control climate conditions for these piglets. 

Improve cost efficiency with a low-energy solution
Electric actuators are very easy to install and have no weak spots like hoses and valves. They are environmentally-friendly due to low energy consumption, no leaking oil, and low noise level. Finally, LINAK actuators are tested and certified to work even in very harsh conditions and require almost no maintenance.
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Focus on ventilation and farming solutions

An electric actuator from LINAK is an obvious choice for harsh environments with moisture, dust and temperature changes; we know how essential a well-operating ventilation system is to the farmer.

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Actuator solutions in farming

Electric actuators help ensure climate control, optimize feeding automation and provide intelligent ventilation in stables all over the world.

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Videos related to stable climate control

Learn more about the electric actuator technology used in stable climate control. Watch our videos and be inspired.

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