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Actuator solutions in farming

Electric actuators help ensure climate control, optimize feeding automation and provide intelligent ventilation in stables all over the world.

Sustainability focus improves health in farming

Being a modern farmer, skills in animal welfare, process planning and handling, and business case optimization are required. Sustainable production with healthy livestock and minimal loss must align with augmented efficiency. Electric actuator solutions help:

  • Reduce loss during feeding or when handling grain
  • Improve health in stables for animals and personnel
  • Increase efficiency with flexible actuator control solutions

Animal welfare, optimal interior climate, precise feeding automation and safe grain handling are linked to profitable business models in modern farming. Handling livestock as well as grain today, however, calls for flexible and reliable control systems. Customized actuator solutions provide safe opening of grain doors and elevators in grain-handling facilities as well as perfect ventilation and climate control in livestock buildings.

Reduce loss of grain and forage
To stay ahead in the market, farmers need to minimize loss and get the most out of the resources available. Electric actuators play a central part in dusty environments around grain-handling facilities. Mounted in elevators and diverter valves, they help optimize commodities and minimize waste. The same is true for feeding automation where farmers need to be able to optimize feed flow and quantities regularly.

Optimize conditions inside the stable
Like humans, livestock need optimal conditions to thrive. LINAK actuator solutions integrate smoothly with almost all stable ventilation and climate control systems, opening inlet valves and ventilation dampers and adjusting cover lifts. Tested to work in harsh conditions, electric actuators work unaffected by dust, moisture and even splashing water, and still provide the farmer with feedback and alarms in case of power cuts.

Optimize efficiency with flexible solutions
Electric actuators not only use less energy, they also require very little or no maintenance at all during their lifetime. This helps reduce costs, minimize downtime and improve production. Feedback from the actuator helps maintain optimal positioning and the flexibility of LINAK solutions makes them easy to customize for any use or application a modern farmer needs.

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With IC and BUS communication you can plug & play your way to monitoring your actuators play-icon

With IC and BUS communication you can plug & play your way to monitoring your actuators


Focus on ventilation and farming solutions

An electric actuator from LINAK is an obvious choice for harsh environments with moisture, dust and temperature changes; we know how essential a well-operating ventilation system is to the farmer.

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LINAK test brochure

Each and every component in an actuator is subjected to a comprehensive battery of tests at the LINAK test center. Learn more in this folder.

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