Actuator solutions for yachts

LINAK actuators help yacht owners control everything from skylights, engine hatches, and braces to adjusting seats and bathing platforms.


Versatile actuator solutions for yachts

Yacht owners around the world desire reliable adjustment solutions to increase comfort and generally enjoy life and make full use of their vessels – at sea as well as berthed at the marina. Versatile actuators can help make this possible. However, two essential things are required: Solutions have to be easy to integrate with the overall ship design, and they need to be able to withstand the harsh conditions at sea. With LINAK onboard, you get: 

  • Comfort through versatile solutions that are easy to implement
  • A knowledgeable supplier who is easy to reach
  • Durable products you're able to take to sea

Over the past decades LINAK has developed and tested electric actuators for tough jobs and has successfully devised solutions for several demanding outdoor applications. Not only have we made them easy to integrate, we also offer support throughout the implementation process. For marine applications, the combined focus on intensive durability, comfort and optimal space utilization has made LINAK® ideal – outside as well as below deck.


Design with versatile and easy-to-integrate solutions
Enjoying life on a yacht is about making things easy, practical and comfortable. Even the smallest automated solution can add to the user experience of your boat. Whether it is the practicality of easily changing a sofa into a sun lounger, or the comfort and space-saving option of adjusting tables, seats or a TV. LINAK actuators offer smooth movement that is easy to control.

Choose a global partner with lots of experience
With more than 30 years of know-how and global presence, LINAK is ready to support you in finding the right automation solutions for your yacht. We are able to offer knowledge and options throughout the design phase, making electric adjustment an integrated and seamless part of your ship design. 

Use durable actuators for outdoor applications
LINAK electric actuators are thoroughly tested to ensure they function reliably in the salty and merciless climate at sea. With a 500-hour salt spray test and an overall high IP rating, our solutions will do the job – despite wind, water, salt or sun. In fact, we consider our actuators for marine applications to be maintenance-free.

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Focus on marine

Regardless of your boat type, LINAK can help you with all kinds of movements you require, through our actuators, columns and controls.

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Marine application systems

LINAK electric actuator solutions provide sturdy and reliable control of everything from towers and hatches to valves on balance systems for sailing vessels.

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Videos related to yachts

Learn more about the electric actuator technology used in yachts. Watch our videos and be inspired.

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