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LINAK actuators provide automated precision adjustment of mower decks, reels, and baffles, as well as improved ergonomics for operators.

Lawn mower

Durable actuator solutions for lawn mowers

Greenkeepers and landscapers often spend hours behind the steering wheel of their lawn mower. Increased focus on how to create and improve a more ergonomic work environment for operators has to meet the constant demand for time and energy efficiency. Electric actuator solutions play a significant part in the answer, offering both OEMs and customers several advantages:

  • Durable turnkey solutions with no maintenance requirements
  • Intelligent actuators which are easy to integrate with vehicle control systems
  • Reliable and flexible low-energy solutions

Accuracy and precision are some of the keywords when professional landscapers and gardeners maintain lawns on the golf course, in parks and other large garden areas. Different varieties of grass require different care, with cutters that adjust accordingly. Intelligent actuator solutions optimize the cutter position, as well as create a more ergonomic work environment with adjustable seats and wheels for operators.

Add durable and well-tested solutions
LINAK makes turnkey solutions that are easy to add to your application. The absence of hoses, pumps and compressors makes it much easier to install than other actuator solutions, and eliminates the need for maintenance. LINAK actuators are tested to withstand water, dust, and dirt. Basically, they are able to work relentlessly through even the harshest of environments.

Allow the driver to monitor cutter positions
Actuator solutions from LINAK are easy to integrate with existing control systems, and fit perfectly in any application. Features like built-in positioning feedback and parallel operation allow the driver to monitor everything from the seat of the mower and create the most precise results. On top of that, the low voltage DC solutions are safer and more eco-friendly to use.

Increase efficiency with green actuators
Electric actuators emit no CO₂ and leak no oil. They are low-energy and only use power while actually moving. This means minimal wear and a longer lifetime, making it the greener alternative to hydraulics. The fewer number of components in the electric solution improves cost-efficiency and makes solutions even more flexible to fit almost any need, from the heavy 15,000N lift to the compact lightweight solution.

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Outdoor power equipment

LINAK actuators allow precise adjustment of everything from mower decks on lawn mowers to pull type elements for utility vehicles.

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