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Outdoor power equipment

Outdoor power equipment

LINAK actuators allow precise adjustment of everything from mower decks on lawn mowers to pull type elements for utility vehicles.

Actuator solutions for Outdoor Power Equipment

The world is going electric. An increasing number of vehicles are having their internal combustion engine replaced or, in some cases, supplemented by an electric power drive. This is also the case with outdoor power equipment (OPE). With a demand for more intelligence and flexibility, and a need for more precise adjustments in power tools, electric actuators offer several notable advantages:

  • Maintenance-free turnkey solutions, easy to install
  • Durable actuators built for intelligent control systems 
  • Improve ergonomics and care for the environment

Flexibility is essential when it comes to creating precision movement for OPEs. The number of applications continues to increase and new electric power drives make integration of BUS communication controls even more advanced. LINAK actuators fit perfectly in this framework, making it possible to adjust cutter blades on the turf mower precisely or to intelligently automate fertilization according to soil conditions.

Enjoy flexible turnkey solutions, easy to install
There are no hoses, pumps or compressors in electric actuator solutions. Only a power cord is required and a data cable to connect to the control system. This makes LINAK solutions easy to install, and with the possible weak spots gone, maintenance is unnecessary.

Integrate robust actuators with your control system
Modern actuators allow feedback via BUS communication to a central control system. This enables the OPE operator to monitor and adjust functions to optimize performance on the fly. This sounds delicate and vulnerable, but all LINAK solutions are thoroughly tested to cope with all sorts of stressors and harsh environments.

Improve ergonomics and energy efficiency
Greenkeepers and landscapers often spend many hours operating mowers and other utility vehicles. This increases the demand for ergonomic solutions allowing adjustment of the seat and the steering wheel. In addition, LINAK actuators are low-energy, and unlike hydraulic alternatives, have no risk of oil spills. This makes electric actuators the most eco-friendly solution for OPEs.

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