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News August 20, 2019

User statistics in focus with the new Desk Control App

Easy onboarding, auto-connect to desks, and far more statistics integration. Significant changes have been made to the LINAK® Desk Control™ App, improving the way users set challenges and utilize the office desk’s adjustment more actively – ultimately improving work habits for the user.

Desk Control Apps

An adjustable office desk is in fact not just a workstation where you either sit or stand – it is all about the movement. However, research shows that many users do not use the desks to the fullest. Despite the best of intentions, we somehow forget to move during the day.

That is why we have integrated a reminder function with many of our desk panels as well as with our Desk Control Apps. With the new release of the app, we promise you significant improvements to help your end users. Have a look below:

Motivation grows when rewards are visible
One of the cornerstones of the LINAK Desk Control App is the reminder function, and its motivational notifications for the user. With the new edition of the app, statistics play a far larger part. This has significantly improved the user interface, allowing the user to easily follow his or her progress during the day.

From behavioral science studies we know rewards, even small ones, work. That is why occasional notifications by the app praise the user and his/her achievements.

Statistics easy to access and easy to read
We know from studies and surveys that many users prefer to do the actual adjustment of the desk with their fixed desk panel, for instance the Desk Panel DPG. Instead users prefer to check statistics on their phone.

In order to better meet users’ needs, we have made it a lot easier for the user to track his/her daily progress towards personal goals and promote an overview of calories burned. Now the app keeps track of the user’s road to set goals and marks milestones.

Positive and encouraging notifications, based on data and the set challenge, remind the user to shift to standing position and helps the user stay motivated during the workday.

Auto-connect between app and desk
As an extra feature, we have made sure that once the app has paired the phone with the desk, it will remember the phone. When the user arrives at the desk in the morning, the app will automatically connect to the desk and pick up logging data from where it left off yesterday.

Desk Control App to support the DPG
The Desk Control App is the perfect supplement to your office desk – especially if it utilizes all the features of the intuitive Red Dot Award winning, Desk Panel DPG1C with integrated Bluetooth®. The desk panel and app pair easily, allowing the user to store personal settings on the phone. In fact, setting memory positions in the phone app has never been easier.

The app is available for both iOS and Android. Download your free copy in the App Store or Google Play.

If you want to know more about LINAK Desk Control, the app specifically, or how to customize it to make your own edition, then please contact your local LINAK office

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