News February 20, 2020

Hand controls that fit into the modern bedroom

Design matters to consumers! It should matter to you as well

We all know the feeling of having something for purely functional reasons. The aesthetics don’t appeal to you, and instead of leaving it on a tabletop, it goes in a drawer, when you are not using it.

In our survey about consumer behavior, we discovered how much design of a bed actually matters to the ordinary consumer: a lot! This of course carries through to the hand control, which the market has done little to change for quite some time.

It is time for a change. We do not want the hand control for an adjustable bed  to be a necessary evil – or in some cases – an eyesore. Therefore, we asked actual users  and created the HC40 family of hand controls, which are not only the most luxurious-looking hand controls on the market, with designer attention to every detail, but they are also very user-friendly with features created based on user-feedback.

Even better: they can be used for both beds with only leg/back adjustment  as well as those beds with more functionality.

Find out what else the consumers told us right here.

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