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News September 26, 2018

Flexibility and great design in adjustable treatment couches and tables

New actuator systems from LINAK make it more attractive to have electric adjustment in couches and tables for treatment and examination. In addition to ample power, speed, stability, and several safety features, design and system flexibility now play a significant part too

Flexibility and great design in adjustable treatment couches and tables

For many healthcare practitioners the adjustable treatment couch is the most important piece of equipment. It must be able to safely elevate patients – regardless of their build – and preferably do so in a fast and comfortable manner. Every day for many years! 

With the introduction of the linear actuators LA20 and LA40 HP (high performance) and the new LINAK OpenBus™ control boxes, i.e., CO41, CO61, and CO71, adjustment of treatment couches has stepped into a new era. Now performance and comfort go hand in hand with couch design and offer more options than ever before. 

Integrate power and functionality into great design
Many practitioners today seek to create a relaxing and almost homely environment in their clinic. This requires manufacturers of healthcare equipment to pay attention to design too when developing applications for treatment.

This focus has filtered through to LINAK as well. Decades of accumulated knowledge of smooth adjustment, complex movement patterns, and not least, intuitive control units, have merged with more elegant product designs. Building an actuator system with LINAK products will allow you to have:

  • The power and reliability of, for example, the LA40 HP
  • Advanced movement patterns provided by an OpenBus™ control box
  • Intuitive hand control with, for example, an HB30
  • Improved ergonomics with a footswitch FS3

All are integrated into your treatment couch without compromising on the overall design. The compact design of the LA20 and the smart cable management ensure an aesthetically pleasing visual appearance.

Furthermore, everything for treatment applications in the LINAK product portfolio fits together, allowing you to put together an optimal system for your specific application – basic, medium, or advanced.

If you want to know more about how LINAK can support your application design and add advanced movement to your treatment couch, please contact your local LINAK office.   


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