Linear actuators


Designed for a wide range of healthcare applications, the LA40 is a powerful, quiet actuator available in 1,500 N, 4,000 N, 6,000 N and 8,000 N versions.


Product description


Offering high speed and performance, the LA40 is a durable actuator that features a mechanical endstop for first failure safety making it the perfect solution for current and future healthcare applications. The LA40 family is rated up to IPX6 with select versions rated up to IPX6 Washable DURA™.

Within the LA40 family, three versions are available with a push of 8,000 N:
•    Standard
•    High Performance (HP)
•    Patient Lift (PL)
Based on knowledge and experience gained from previous actuator families, LINAK has developed new gear and braking principles that improve the efficiency of the LA40. These innovative solutions are covered by several patents.

Equipped with a socket for exchangeable cables, the LA40 has the same flexibility as previous families, and existing minifit cables can be used.

Designed for a wide range of applications within the healthcare industry such as care and hospital beds, treatment tables, patient lifts and dental chairs, the LA40 family has a polished design increasing cleanability and mounting flexibility. The LA40 can be ordered with an optional spline function (push only) as well as quick release.

LA40 8,000 N range:
•    The standard version runs 8,000 N from 0-50 mm stroke length with a subsequent decreasing load on the rest of the stroke length
•    The High Performance version can perform 8,000 N on full stroke length
•    The Patient Lift version can perform 8,000 N on full stroke length

Product data sheet


View the data sheet as an online magazine or download the PDF.

LA40 data sheet

View the data sheet as an online magazine or download the PDF.

Brochures & manuals

Linear actuators and electronics user manual

This user manual will tell you how to install, use and maintain your LINAK electronics. We are sure that your LINAK system will afford you many years of problem-free operation.

Focus on couches and tables

Flexible functionality and improved ergonomics are some of today’s needs for treatment and examination couches.

Focus on dental chairs

LINAK actuator systems help create smooth movement and comfort in dental chairs.

Focus on stretchers

Full functionality, battery power and comfort for mobile applications. LINAK provides a system solution for stretchers, bed trolleys and other mobile applications.

Focus on treatment chairs

Flexible functionality and valuable accessories for treatment chairs.

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