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Patient lifting and mobility

Shower chairs

The need for multi-function shower chairs, designed to support caregivers in the shower and in personal hygiene situations, is increasing. Using LINAK actuator solutions for modern shower chairs allows greater design flexibility, with increased customization opportunities, as well as additional safety features in the application.

Multi-functional shower chair with LINAK electric linear actuators for caregivers

System solution for shower chairs

The need for multi-function shower chairs designed to support daily shower and hygiene situations is increasing. Lack of resources and the growing population of elderly and disabled people, as well as the wish for personal integrity, are today’s focus points in healthcare.

For caregivers, the wide range of movement options helps during daily work routines and improves efficiency. Powerful movement options affect ergonomics for the caregiver positively by managing heavy and uneven lifting situations.

Using electric actuator solutions provides several advantages such as:

  • Powerful height-adjustable shower chairs
  • Improved ergonomics
  • Increased quality of life for user

The shortage in the healthcare workforce is a stated fact in hospitals, care homes, and other healthcare institutions. This calls for tools and equipment to support and optimize daily working routines. Equipment and applications to fulfill many requirements – improved ergonomics and efficiency, at the same time maintaining patient dignity.

Using electric movement in shower chairs for height adjustment, lateral trunk, or foot-arm modification eases the daily working routines of caregivers by focusing on ergonomics and eliminating heavy lifting. Movement supported by LINAK® electric actuators contributes to job satisfaction.


Benefits from powerful system solutions

The broad LINAK product portfolio provides high design flexibility. Whenever the system needs to support a few simple or more complex movements, the product compatibility ensures full satisfaction and benefit in all situations. LINAK strives to meet the requirements for shower chairs with system solutions, whether simple or advanced solutions are required.



Adjustable chairs are essential for caregivers, as they must otherwise strain to assist the service user in their daily work. Height-adjustable and lateral-trunk support in chairs is essential to caregiver ergonomics. Lack of resources and the long-term perspective of an increasing number of elderly people make it even more important to provide the right equipment and ensure good ergonomics during the daily work.


Quality of life

Using LINAK products in shower chairs will increase privacy and safety by allowing the user to enjoy greater independence and dignity, or even make it possible to shower without caregiver assistance in the bathroom.

LINAK system solutions provide optimum movement in shower chairs.

All types of shower chairs must allow for user comfort and safety, at the same time ensuring ideal ergonomic working conditions for caregivers.

Shower chairs incorporate many options of adjustability as they need to be highly adaptable to user requirements.

With LINAK, the application design becomes easier.

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