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Healthcare beds

Homecare beds

An aging population, fewer hands to take care of patients, and shorter hospital stays drive the need for homecare beds. Using LINAK actuator solutions allows for optimal movement, supporting patient well-being, safety, and mobility.

Homecare beds

System solutions for homecare beds

Homecare beds are often used by elderly people staying at home or patients who were sent home to recover from hospital stays. In both situations, the individual still needs attention from a caregiver and may experience a lack of mobility. It pleases most people to stay in familiar surroundings – they feel safe and oftentimes have what they need.

LINAK® system solutions support improved individual comfort and safety and ensure ideal ergonomic working conditions for caregivers.

LINAK system solutions support homecare beds with high quality, uptime, and overall bed performance.

The electric actuator solutions in a homecare bed provide much more than tried and tested systems with reliable movement:

  • Improved ergonomics
  • Optimized patient comfort and safety
  • Efficient movement prepared for bed transport and storage

Improved ergonomics

Electric linear actuator systems in homecare beds offer the option of moving backrest, leg rest, and/or knee rest and height simultaneously. Movements are combined in patterns to relieve the caregiver in job routines with the correct ergonomic working height. This is how movement supported by LINAK electric actuators contributes to job satisfaction.


Optimize patient comfort and safety

We know that falls from a bed can be fatal to elderly people. LINAK electric linear actuators are designed to lower beds to floor height, which helps prevent falls and accidents. The low floor position reduces the risk of injury if the patients falls out of bed.

Movement of the bed into the correct height position allows easy entry/exit as patients can put their feet firmly on the floor while sitting on the edge of the bed. This also provides stability while getting in and out of bed.


Prepared for bed transport and storage

Homecare beds are often used for a limited period of time and then moved to a new patient. For transport, we have integrated a one-touch button which will perform a full retraction of all actuators in the bed. This eases the folding of the bed to ensure quick and handy transport. Replaceable cables for easy system connection ensure fast and efficient mounting and dismounting in transport situations.

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Focus on healthcare beds

When looking for ways to make people in need of care more independent, the bed is an obvious place to start. LINAK offers the perfect fit in various constructions for healthcare beds.

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