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Working under pressure - demands proactive protection

We’ve never been more aware of the importance of hygiene in healthcare environments. As health authorities push their resources to the limits, anything that can relieve the pressure on staff, patients and budgets can make a dramatic difference to performance.

Keeping hospital beds and other vital equipment rigorously clean has always been vital in stopping the spread of multi-resistant bacteria and infections. But keeping these stringently high hygiene standards can place pressure on resources and time – while the harsh chemicals, hot water and high-pressure jets of time-saving wash tunnels challenge the actuator systems of the beds.

LINAK® IPX6 Washable DURA™ takes the pressure off: Our range of DURA™ products is tested to perform impeccably – even after years of frequent cleaning. In fact, our products’ washing lifetime is 5 times longer than required by IEC60601 standards. Whatever the future brings, you’re better able to take the pressure with Washable DURA™.

Film section Proactively protect your investment
At LINAK, we help our customers prepare for a future with even higher standards and an increased focus on hygiene. Our products for healthcare applications exceed several required international standards and certifications to keep you proactively protected under pressure. Be prepared to face whatever comes next and insist on a durable solution for years of use that will keep adding value to your healthcare operation.


MEDLINE & CARELINE product overview

Dive into the wide variety of innovative MEDLINE & CARELINE products that can help you improve your hospital and healthcare equipment.

Focus on healthcare beds

When looking for ways to make people in need of care more independent, the bed is an obvious place to start. LINAK offers the perfect fit in various constructions for healthcare beds.

LINAK IPX6 Washable DURA™ flyer

Washability is part of modern healthcare. LINAK IPX6 Washable DURA™ for adjustable Hospital & Care equipment – the next level of clean.

Safety folder

Different applications need different safety features. Regardless of what healthcare application you are designing, LINAK offers a wide variety of standard and optional safety features.

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