Construction solutions

LINAK electric actuators allow you to offer safe hood lifts, ergonomic adjustment of steps, seats and steering wheels in construction machinery.

Construction solutions

LINAK electric actuators allow you to offer safe hood lifts, ergonomic adjustment of steps, seats and steering wheels in construction machinery.

Electric actuators in construction machinery

Durability and reliability are the main concerns when operating heavy-duty construction machinery. Materials and applications need to be able to work relentlessly through extremely harsh working environments, and staff must be kept safe at all times. Using well-proven electric actuator solutions, you will be able to offer:

  • Safe and thoroughly tested solutions
  • Improved ergonomics with intelligent actuators
  • Low-cost and maintenance-free solutions which are easy to install

Whether you need to lift the engine hood of a heavy-duty wheel loader or mount massive attachment tools, safety is paramount. Alongside improved ergonomics, this constitutes the main concern for construction workers. LINAK has decades of experience making actuator solutions able to meet the requirements of modern machinery. This helps customers achieve competitive advantages in this regard.

Increase safety with well-tested actuators
Over the years LINAK has developed a whole regime of durability tests. Everything from extreme temperature fluctuations to shock, vibration and electrical radiation is tested, and all actuator products need to pass these tests prior to release. This is done to increase reliability and to keep construction workers safe.

Get feedback and intelligent movement
LINAK actuators are intelligent. This means they provide lock information, position data and other BUS communication data to the existing control system, allowing the driver to monitor and adjust tools or hoods from the control panel. All solutions integrate easily with almost any control system.

Install maintenance-free, cost-effective solutions
There are no hoses, pumps or compressors in an electric actuator solution. This means all potential weak spots are removed, making maintenance unnecessary and avoiding possible oil spills. LINAK actuators only need a power cord and a data cable connected to the engine control unit. This more compact solution makes it very easy to install, and the low energy consumption helps prolong the already long service life.



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