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Dental chairs

LINAK actuator systems help create smooth movement and comfort in dental chairs.

Dental chairs

Low-noise actuator systems for dental chairs

Demographics are changing. On average, the population is growing older and a poor lifestyle consequently leads to more obese citizens. For dentists these trends require new equipment able to provide more comfort and increased functionality. With LINAK electric actuators you can create the smooth and reliable movement patterns you need. In fact, the advantages are numerous – for instance:

  • Low-noise system, easy to mount
  • Read-out service data and minimize maintenance
  • Local support from a global partner

A comfortable chair is the least you as a dentist can offer your patients, who often have trouble enough relaxing as it is. Adjustment in dental chairs is often a rather complex pattern of coordinated movement of several actuators. First and foremost, patient comfort needs to be ensured. Then, height adjustment must be considered to optimize ergonomics for the dentist and his/her assistants. LINAK actuator systems take care of it all.

Low-noise actuators, easy to install
Compact design and hardly any cables or cords make LINAK actuators easy to fit in anywhere. The product range is broad and everything fits together – leaving you plenty of options to assemble the dental chair your customers need. In addition, the actuators are low-noise and apply perfect motion coordination to the dental chair in combination with other control units.

The system provides status data to minimize service
LINAK offers actuator systems with SDT software (Service Data Tool). This makes it possible to read-out service data to predict when service is needed before anything stops working. Service on a LINAK system is made easy and very fast to minimize downtime, which can be scheduled outside operating hours. However, extensive testing at LINAK should ensure a long lifetime and prevent unplanned maintenance at all.

Global partner with local market insights
Over more than 30 years, LINAK has developed and refined electric actuator systems. We readily offer customers technology advice and through our subsidiaries worldwide, we stand ready to support you with market and application insights, if needed. With production in Europe, Asia, and the USA spare parts are never far away.  

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The lifting column LC3 sets the standard for vertical lifting play-icon

The lifting column LC3 sets the standard for vertical lifting

Linear Actuator LA23 from LINAK play-icon

Linear actuator LA23 from LINAK

LINAK - thorough testing of Linear Actuator systems at our state-of-the-art LINAK test facilities play-icon

LINAK - thorough testing of linear actuator systems at our state-of-the-art LINAK test facilities


LC3 lifting column sets the standard for vertical lifting

It is quiet, powerful and improves safety around advanced medical equipment, including operating tables, surgical chairs and X-ray applications.

Focus on dental chairs

LINAK actuator systems help create smooth movement and comfort in dental chairs.

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