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Clinic and wellness

LINAK system solutions for clinic and wellness applications provide smooth and reliable movement for optimal comfort without compromising on ergonomics and efficiency.

Actuator systems for use in clinic and wellness applications

The rising need for for treatment, caused by megatrends such as an ageing and growing population, combined with a focus on staying fit and healthy, states the need for high-quality system solutions.

LINAK® electric actuator systems provide smooth and reliable movement in a wide range of applications within the clinic and wellness areas.

LINAK offers high-quality, tailor-made system solutions for treatment couches and dental chairs, regardless of whether the application is basic or advanced.

Equipping the application with single or advanced movement features, or adding software-based movement in combination with accessories like massage functionality or extra power for comfortable heating, contributes to easy and efficient treatment.

The potential for collecting product-relevant data via LCi™ is endless. It can help monitor system status and inform about upcoming service, system errors, and battery status, and even prevent unintentional system breakdowns.

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