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News December 18, 2018

The LINAK® Port Junction box PJ2 offers two extra outputs for the CO-box series

With the new Port Junction box PJ2 you can add even more channels to your LINAK® control box.

LINAK Port Junction box PJ2

With the introduction of the Port Junction box PJ2 you can now add even more channels to your LINAK control box system 
The control boxes are the brain of LINAK actuator systems, housing customized software to make the most advanced movement patterns possible in healthcare applications such as hospital beds, surgery tables or X-ray equipment. By adding the PJ2 it is possible to control two more channels.

The control boxes, CO41, CO61 and CO71 comprise the customized software making the most advanced movement possible. Together with the LINAK Port Junction box, PJ2, you add channel 5 and 6. 
As with the other LINAK control boxes, the PJ2 offers many features such as:

  • A very flexible mounting system that makes multiple installation options possible
  • Small in size
  • Aesthetic design

The PJ2 is simply easy to integrate into any medical application, and with easy and well-considered cable management and fewer cables, mounting and integration are uncomplicated. The innovative bracket solution allows the PJ2 to be mounted on either a frame or on the actuator itself for diversity in design. 
Frame solution for PJ2
Frame solution for PJ2

IPX6 Washable DURA­™ protection and a battery port are standard options with the Port Junction box PJ2, as are functionality, interface and compatibility – already known from the LINAK OpenBus™ series. Hence with the PJ2, you have a product with both sustainability and durability in a cleaning-friendly design ensuring that the PJ2 - like the rest of the CO-box series - is ready for hospital wash tunnels or high pressure washing. 

If you want to know more about the Port Junction box PJ2, or any of the LINAK OpenBus™ solutions, please, contact your local LINAK office.

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