News April 25, 2018

Even more control with the Bed Control App

A new update to the Bed Control App include the option to control neck and foot adjustment or a massage function. An onboarding flow also guides the user to properly set up the app in a few simple steps.

The update means that not only is it easy to set up and pair a comfort bed equipped with LINAK motors with a smartphone or tablet, it is also possible to adjust neck and foot areas via your mobile device. An update of the LINAK Bed Control App turns your mobile device into a fully functional hand control with everything from memory, Under Bed Light, massage and up to four adjustments. In other words, with this update the app is suitable for both simple and advanced actuator systems for comfort beds equipped with Bluetooth®.

Achieve position perfection with a smartphone
Adding a third or a fourth actuator to your comfort bed allows you to not only use your smart device to adjust the back or leg areas, but also feet or neck. The app now reflects this and enables users to personalize the memorized positions even more.

Enjoy an easy onboarding flow and intuitive interaction
Upon opening the Bed Control App for the first time, a simple and very intuitive guide takes the user through both the pairing as well as how to set up the app to control the adjustable bed – in a few steps the app is ready.

The guide asks how many actuators are in the bed and if it is equipped with a massage function. Once set up, the app only shows the necessary features. It is always possible to change the settings later, if necessary.

If the bed is equipped with massage, users can then settle in, enter the massage menu and adjust the intensity and massage program to their specific needs.

Bed Control App product page

Customization of the Bed Control App

Make the LINAK Bed Control App your own
Get your name in the app stores and an app that displays your brand. It is now possible to customize the Bed Control App to reflect your corporate identity and facilitate brand awareness with your logo, colors and links.

Find more information about customization possibilities. 


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