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News June 21, 2017

CO-Link™ provides full control of advanced healthcare applications

The new LINAK system set-up allows manufacturers of advanced healthcare applications to deliver complex actuator solutions with up to eight channels, all controlled with just one hand control.

CO-Link™ provides full control of advanced healthcare applications

Demand for still more advanced, precise and reliable adjustability of applications within healthcare is increasing around the world. As treatment techniques grow ever more advanced, so do the requirements for applications. Modern X-ray chairs and tables, as well as tables for surgery, often need to be able to turn and move in several directions. 

More options at almost no extra cost
With the new LINAK CO-Link™ the range of options for electric actuator systems broadens. It allows you to build an 8-channel set-up at hardly no extra cost. For instance connect two LINAK control boxes CO61 with a cable via a junction box. Install a piece of customized LINAK software and you have a 2 x 200W multi-channel actuator system you can control with only one handset. This is LINAK CO-Link™!

Easy logistics for advanced applications
Using products you already know or have in stock, you can build an actuator system with up to eight channels. Apart from the extra cable and your customized software, you can use LINAK parts you already have in stock. This helps keep your costs down and gives you more flexibility to adjust production to adapt to market demands.

If you want to know more about LINAK CO-Link™, please visit the system website or contact your local LINAK office.


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