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News June 25, 2019

LINAK releases new battery BA16 and updates BA19

Another member of the LINAK family of batteries for adjustable medical applications has been introduced. The BA16 adds to the lead acid battery back-up range used in non-washable applications. At the same time LINAK updates the current version of BA19.

Battery box BA19 and BA16

To offer customers the optimal battery solution for their mobile medical applications, LINAK now releases a new lead acid battery – the BA16. Though it looks a bit different, in many ways it is a sibling of the BA19, which many manufacturers of hospital and nursing home beds are already familiar with.

Identical features for different requirements
In many ways the LINAK® battery BA19 has set a standard in the market in regard to the washability level. It was made for applications that are frequently machine washed at high temperatures and with strong detergents. However, this rather extreme standard, known as IPX6 Washable DURA™, is not always required.

That is why LINAK offers the battery BA16. It comes with the same features as the BA19, but “only” meets the IP level of IPX6. This makes it ideal for applications that only need washing off with a wrung-out cloth.

Features to improve safety
BA16 also has an intelligent LED charging indicator. This allows the system’s control box to monitor battery capacity at any given time and provides power status information.

The BA16 also comes with a buzzer function, making it possible to detect low voltage. This minimizes the risk of having an application with no power.

PCP update to ensure full compatibility
To make sure batteries are backward compatible and owners get all the benefits from the intelligent system solutions, an update of the Power Communication Port (PCP) is required. Like the BA19, BA16 is designed to power both analogue and OpenBus™ systems, aligning with our ‘One World – One Box’ concept.

If you want more information about the BA16, BA19, or the PCP update, please contact your local LINAK office.

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