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News August 20, 2019

Why PCBs, cabling and clutches are important in industrial actuators

Many LINAK® actuators used in agricultural or industrial applications come with a printed circuit board (PCB) with integrated controller (IC), supporting various BUS protocols. At the Actuator Academy™, you can learn what difference the right PCB makes, how a clutch can protect the industrial machinery, and how the right cables and plugs can optimize the actuator’s performance.

With an integrated controller (IC), the modern electric actuator can provide you with a lot of different functionalities such as actuator positioning feedback, soft start and stop control, and temperature measurements. At LINAK, the IC is part of the printed circuit boards (PCB) used in industrial actuators, and it also supports various BUS protocols. This makes the actuator able to communicate with external control systems and deliver, for example, precise position feedback.

In heavy-duty machinery where loads can vary a lot, a clutch function can be extremely valuable. Especially for actuators without PCB or other electronics inside. Also, the right choice of cables and plugs will influence optimal performance and indirectly help protect the actuator.

Join us as our expert, Hunter, guides you through the most important aspects of PCBs, clutches, cables and plugs for high-quality electric actuators for industrial applications.

PCB – the actuator brain
Learn how a Printed Circuit Board works inside a modern industrial actuator and how the various functionalities of the integrated controller (IC) work.

Clutch – protection of motor and gears
For heavy-duty industrial actuators a clutch can help protect the industrial machinery and the actuator in overload situations. This is how.

Cables and plugs – power and data
This video explains the difference in power and signal cables, and how to choose the right cables and connectors for your electric actuator solution.


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