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News June 29, 2017

Easy mounting with universal twist brackets

When launching the TWINDRIVE® dual actuator TD4, LINAK also embraced the universal way to mount dual actuator systems on bed frames. Making it easy to make reliable adjustments to your comfort furniture.

Easy mounting with universal twist brackets

Easy mounting with universal twist brackets 
When we launched the TD4 Standard and the TD4 Advanced, we also embraced the typical way of mounting dual actuators on a bed frame. We simply introduced the prevalent universal twist brackets that we know from the comfort beds market. Thus, it has never been easier to convert to one of the high-quality and thoroughly tested LINAK dual actuators TD4.
An easy move to the TD4
With universal twist brackets, the TD4 fits easily on existing bed frames. In fact, you do not even have to make design modifications to a bed frame to accommodate it. Even the space between the axles of the TD4 adheres to what is otherwise known as typical across the comfort bed market.

LINAK manufactures the universal twist brackets to ensure the proper dimensions and a perfect fit with a dual actuator TD4. However, if production of a universal twist bracket needs to take place at your own facilities, it is not essential to adjust the production facilities. The processes of welding the bracket to the bed frame can continue just as usual. 
All in all, this means that introducing a dual actuator TD4 to your comfort bed design has never been easier.

Watch the video about how easy it is to mount a TD4 here.

Contact your local LINAK sales person to learn more about universal twist brackets from LINAK and the possibilities of easily converting to the dual actuator TD4.

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