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News September 28, 2016

Designers and architects from across the world bring movement to design

We hereby have the pleasure of introducing our new website: Design Meets Movement is an entity formed by LINAK and involves some of the most creative innovative designers and architects from across the world.

Architects and designers in collaboration with LINAK
As an expert in smooth and durable movement, LINAK enjoys the privilege of collaborating with a lot of skilled talents and progressive organisations. You can see these collaborations in the form of innovative design projects, between recognised and well-known designers and Design Meets Movement, powered by LINAK. All of which, within categories such as office, comfort furniture, kitchen, etc.

New ways of thinking adjustable furniture
Design Meets Movement aims to inspire surprise and challenge conventional thinking about adjustable furniture by moving interior design. We hope that architects and designers from across the world see a benefit in implementing movement to their future furniture projects, and doing it in collaboration with Design Meets Movement. If so, our experts within electric movement are happy to help and together we will bring movement to design. This is where design meets movement.

Want to experience Design Meets Movement?
LINAK participates under the name Design Meets Movement at the 2016 ORGATEC fair where the conventional way of thinking about adjustable furniture is challenged, by moving interior design outdoors. The stand layout for the fair is designed by the well-known Danish designer Tine Mouritsen, who previously designed two projects in collaboration with LINAK, which you can see on the website

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