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News April 3, 2018

Use the comparison chart to find the right TD4 solution

The dual actuator TD4 comes in several different versions. Now an intuitive chart presentation can help you find the optimal one for your particular comfort beds applications.

The LINAK product range within comfort furniture has expanded and so has the need for a quick way of distinguishing between different versions of a product. With the launch of the TD4+ versions, which come as both the TD4+ Standard and the TD4+ Advanced, a need for a quick overview could come in handy.

Basically, this section is a way of visually answering questions, such as:

In other words, if you are not sure which of the TD4 solutions fits your needs, or which control box will create the options you need it to, the chart below might help. 

More comparison charts to come
We will continue to make comparison charts available for easy comparison of our product features. No more flipping through brochures in order to understand the differences between ‘Standard’ or ‘Advanced’ versions – in this case the TD4.

Here is a chart covering all the current versions of the dual actuator TD4. We hope you find it useful.

TD4+ comparison chart

Go to the specific product description for all comparison charts relevant to a product.


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