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News March 23, 2022

Reduced cord clutter and better power access – the Desk2Device USB Charger

Why add a device to your desk that will require an additional outlet, when you can have one that draws power directly from your desk? The LINAK Desk2Device USB charger does just that. Users have one less power cable to worry about while they intelligently power their USB Type-C and USB Type-A devices at the fastest possible rate.

Charge your devices right from your desk!

Declutter the workspace

Power access and cable management are important features for both productivity and aesthetics in the workspace. The last thing many desk workers want, whether in a corporate or home office, is another power cable cluttering their workspace. Yet everyone has the same challenge of having more unique devices that need power as we work throughout the day. That is why LINAK® has developed the all-new Desk2Device USB Charger. Charge your devices right from your desk!

Desk2Device USB Charger mounted underneath a height-adjustable desk, sitting next to a DPG desk panel

Powered by LINAK

With an elegant and sleek design, the LINAK Desk2Device USB charger has the benefit of drawing power directly from the LINAK control box, while also not taking anything away from a stylish desk design. Powered by the Control Box CBD6S, the device helps remove the clutter of an additional power cable for users. The charger features two smart USB Type-C ports that intelligently allocate a max. of 50 W of power among the ports as needed and a USB Type-A port with a dedicated 7.5 W of power. This allows users to charge virtually any USB device at the fastest possible rate.

Desk2Device, a high-speed USB charger powered by LINAK Control Box CBD6S
Desk2Device, a high-speed USB charger powered by LINAK Control Box CBD6S
Desk2Device with c-clamp, a high-speed USB charger powered by LINAK Control Box CBD6S

Flexible mounting

The Desk2Device USB Charger comes with two different mounts (flat and angled), and a low voltage DC-input cable that is available in different lengths, offering a variety of mounting options. Choose between a C-clamp for mounting on top of the tabletop, or screws.

This provides customers with even more design freedom or allows users the flexibility to choose the best location for their working style.


Works with virtually any USB device

The charger also works with practically any device powered by either a USB Type-C or USB Type-A port. This includes popular smart phones, notebooks, tablets, laptops, headsets, and other accessories. When these devices are plugged in, indicator lights illuminate to let you know they are charging, helping you know when you can unplug devices to maximize port use.


Desk2Device USB Charger draws power from the CBD6S Control box and works with almost any USB device

With the Desk2Device USB charger, less equals more. Customers have the option of high-speed intelligent USB power access that does not create a challenge for users. They can work efficiently knowing their devices are getting all the power they need without compromising the look and functionality of their workspace.


Desk2Device USB Charger Flyer

Charge devices directly from your desk. Learn more about this unique device that draws power directly from a LINAK control box.

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