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Desk2Device USB Charger

Charge virtually any USB device directly from your desk at the fastest possible rate. Reduce cable clutter and get better power access with the LINAK Desk2Device USB Charger.

With a variety of mounting options, the elegant and sleek Desk2Device USB Charger provides design freedom and allows users to choose the best location for their working style.

As the USB charger is powered directly by the Control Box CBD6S, no additional power outlet is required for this high-speed and intelligent charger.

Desk2Device USB Charger

The Desk2Device USB Charger is a charging unit with one USB Type-A and two USB Type-C connector outputs. As the charger is connected to the Control Box CBD6S, it draws power directly from the desk and no extra power supply is needed.

The charger can charge devices such as mobile phones, laptops, power banks, headsets, and other accessories, and it helps reduce cable clutter and provides better power access.

The Desk2Device USB Charger comes with two different mounts (flat and angled) and offers different mounting options. Choose between C-clamp for mounting on top of the desk, or screws for mounting under the tabletop.

Desk2Device USB Charger data sheet

View the data sheet as an online magazine or download the PDF.

3D Models

No 3D drawings available.
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Desk2Device USB Charger user manual

This user manual will tell you how to install, use and maintain your LINAK DESKLINE products.

Desk2Device USB Charger Flyer

Charge devices directly from your desk. Learn more about this unique device that draws power directly from a LINAK control box.

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