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News June 2, 2022

NeoCon 2022: LINAK U.S. focuses on employee experience and the return to the office

As the world continues to navigate the craziness of the past three years, companies everywhere are focusing their efforts on bringing workforces back to the office full-time or on a hybrid schedule. Employees have grown accustomed to working from home and the many benefits that offers them, so how can businesses create an environment that gets employees excited about coming back rather than making them feel obligated to?

LINAK booth at NeoCon

The design community is centering its focus on creating environments that provide employees with improved technology as well as better spaces for more efficient individual work and dynamic atmospheres for collaborating with teammates. Instead of feeling an obligation to be in the office, employees should be inspired by the office because of the environment.

LINAK® is dedicated to helping improve the experience in the office, whether that be at a desk or in a co-working space, while also keeping them active, healthy, and productive. This commitment is on display in the LINAK showroom, suite 10-100, at theMART for NeoCon 2022.


Focusing on the office experience

For busy office-workers every minute of the working day is important and staying alert and active helps them through a hectic day. As more meetings are going online due to hybrid work schedules, noise levels in the office play a large role in impacting the overall atmosphere. In a busy and noisy office, every decibel and every second counts.

A dream goal for the height-adjustable desk has always been to have a desk that is almost as fast as you are when you go from sitting to standing,” said Rasmus Mogensen, DESKLINE business development manager at LINAK U.S. Inc. “But in the past, you couldn’t do that without adding safety challenges or issues with sound. Now desk users can quickly go from sitting to standing without affecting the performance of the desk. The more we focus on the little things that make the office more efficient or easier for the employee to work in, the better the office will be.

At NeoCon, LINAK is introducing the next generation of desk leg with the addition of the DL PLUS™ High-Speed series of legs. The DL Plus™ High-Speed desk legs add speed without compromising on sound, load or self-lock. The new desk legs offer users a faster transition from sit to stand with 60 and 80mm/s versions. The high-speed legs were engineered to sound as great as they perform, even at full speed under maximum load. With a self-lock of twice the maximum load, the desk holds its position without sinking.


An individual’s working space can have a significant impact on stress and productivity levels. Creating tidy, easy-to-use worksurfaces is important when looking at the overall atmosphere of the office as well as the person’s wellbeing. The Desk2Device USB Charger, a unique device that draws power directly from the LINAK control box, was designed with this in mind. Connected to the control box by an advanced proprietary LINAK system, the device helps remove the clutter of an additional power cord for users and gives desk users quick access to high-speed charging for virtually any USB device.


Beyond the traditional desk workspace, there are many other areas where movement can be a useful tool to improve the overall environment. Transitional seating areas, conference rooms, drop-in desks and more collaboration hubs are being featured in new offices. In the LINAK showroom, attendees will be inspired to think differently about the workspace. Whether that be through a unique seating area with adjustable privacy options, a conference table with height adjustable capability to boost collaboration and productivity, or a multifunctional desk that can pack away neatly in a home office, the future of work is about flexibility.


Continuing to improve home office environments

While some companies are going back to the office full-time, the majority may be focusing on a hybrid model of working both in the office and at home. To ensure that their employees have an equally as productive environment at home, they may be purchasing sit-stand desks for their employees or giving them a certain amount of money to improve their home workspace. But unlike at the office, there isn't a team helping you put together your desk and making sure it keeps running smoothly. Meaning ease of assembly and quality of these products really matter.

Designed with home-office customers in mind, the new LINAK Click-on-feet provide end-users with a streamlined, easy-to-perform assembly process. The new feet, which are available in two lengths and three colors, simply click on to a wide variety of LINAK desk legs. When paired with a LINAK Desk Frame 1 or Desk Frame 2 systems, the only screws needed are to attach the tabletop, making the solution almost toolless.

Assembly is one major benefit with Click-on-feet, but the impact on costs for packaging and shipping is just as important,” says Mogensen. “With it being so easy to assemble, there’s not really a need to ship the desk legs and feet preassembled. Meaning less space needed in packaging and reduced costs for shipping. And when you are shipping thousands of desks out those costs can really add up.

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