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News May 31, 2022

Click-on Feet: Snap and you are done

Just when you thought our desk frames could not get simpler or faster to assemble, we have made things even easier with a click-on system for desk feet that forms a rock-solid base for your new height-adjustable office desk.


Click! It is the fastest movement you can make

Researchers have recently discovered that snapping your fingers is the fastest movement a human can make – 20 times faster than the blink of an eye. And although we are not claiming any new speed records – that is about as long as it takes to mount one of our new Click-on Feet.

Woman snapping her fingers.

Improving lives through better solutions

Since the introduction of the first-ever complete, electrically height-adjustable system for desks in 1998, LINAK designers and engineers have been evolving desk systems to improve life for our customers and for end-users. With the new Click-on Feet, we have once again succeeded in making the best even better, with a tool-free, intuitive, and convenient foot assembly solution.


Fully compatible for maximum design flexibility

The Click-on Feet is compatible with round, rectangular, and square leg profiles of the three-stage columns, DL6 PLUS, DL11 PLUS, DL19 PLUS, and DL21 PLUS, as well as the rectangular and square legs for Desk Frame 2. The feet are available in two lengths, 710 mm and 560 mm, and in three colors, white, grey, and black.

Click-On feet in 560 mm and 710 mm lengths, shown in white, grey, and black attached to a desk leg. Fits rectangular, square, and round desk leg profiles.


Get it right the first time

The Click-on Feet are the icing on the cake of an already super-streamlined and easy-to-perform assembly process and the perfect accompaniment to our new range of DL PLUS™ High-speed lifting columns. They are also ideal for both our full-frame solutions, Desk Frame 1 and Desk Frame 2. The only screws you need are the ones to attach the tabletop. The rest is just ‘kick’ gently and ‘click’ – your desk is ready! The fast and easy way to attach a rock-solid base to your new sit-stand desk.

The click-on foot is attached to a desk leg. Compatible with Desk Frame 1 and Desk Frame 2 full-frame systems for electric adjustable office desk


Small office – home office – any office

Designed with small-office and home-office customers in mind, the new Click-on concept provides a tool-free and super simple way for your customers to firmly and securely attach desk feet to their new desk. No hassle – just a click and they are done.

We would go as far as to say it is virtually impossible to make a mistake – it is really as simple as snapping your fingers.

Split image of an adjustable office desk in a home office and a small office environment.

Learn more about the wide assortment of DESKLIFT™ Feet and our full-frame systems for office desks.

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