News January 15, 2018

Introducing DL IC - nine new lifting column systems ideal for economy desks

Nine new lifting columns with integrated controller form a whole series of systems increasing the number of desk options

We are now expanding our product portfolio with systems specially developed for price/performance-optimized office desks.

Broad product program equals many desk design possibilities
If you are looking for a basic actuator solution when building height adjustable desks, you can now choose among our new extended portfolio of motor housing columns, which we call DL IC. DL IC systems are available in 9 different column versions leaving you the freedom to design exactly the desk you want. 
Simple setup for economy desks
A DL IC system is a set consisting of 2 lifting columns: A primary column with a built-in controller and a secondary column. Just connect the two lifting columns to each other, choose a Desk Panel and connect an SMPS (Switch Mode Power Supply) unit and you are up and running. 

Same dimensions and Kick & Click™ compatible 
Our lifting columns with integrated controller (IC) have the same dimensions as our well-known standard lifting columns. In this way, you can use the same feet for your DL IC lifting column as for the same standard DL lifting column model. Further, all DL IC lifting column variants are Kick & Click™ compatible, ensuring easy assembly of your office desk. 

You can choose the following DL IC lifting columns all with the high LINAK quality

  • Rectangular design with standard adjustment range: DL5IC and DL15IC
  • Rectangular design with long adjustment range: DL6IC and DL16IC
  • Round design with standard adjustment range: DL8IC and DL10IC
  • Round design with long adjustment range: DL9IC and DL11IC
  • Square design with long adjustment range: DL19IC

Whether you are looking for a basic, a standard or a flexible actuator solution with a range of customization options, you can be sure to receive a high quality LINAK product. We have the system you need.


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