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News March 15, 2022

LC1 - the optimal choice for various applications

With the addition of the LC1 lifting column, LINAK is extending the versatile product range with a new 3-stage aluminum lifting column. The new LC1 makes it possible to design your application without compromising on power, quality, and stability.

Lifting columns from LINAK displaying a series of LC1 columns for various applications

 The robust design and high lifting force combined with a pleasant sound ensure that the column fits perfectly into a wide range of applications, ranging from various medical applications to DESKLINE® solutions. The stringent and consistent LINAK® testing program ensures reliable and high-performing products. With its outstanding quality, the LC1 lifting column blends perfectly into the first-class LINAK brand.

The ideal lifting column for medium-scale medical applications

LC1 brings power and stability into your application and provides lifting capacity of up to 4,000 N in push and 2,000 N in pull along with a wide range of customization options. The compact form and streamlined look of the lifting column make it easy to integrate into your application without compromising power, quality, or design. LC1 is tailor-made for use in medical applications, like couches, tables, and treatment chairs, where power and stability are mandatory.

The new LC1 is developed to handle high loads and its strong and stable telescopic design gives both power and height where needed. In addition, its elegant and easy to clean surface combined with a new design makes it easy to maintain a high level of hygiene. Both caregiver and patient will appreciate the easy and swift adjustment that ensures good ergonomics and comfort.

The LC1 can help reduce the number of workplace injuries in the healthcare sector by providing a smooth and ergonomically correct movement in all situations. Focusing on ergonomics in working routines is beneficial to both caregiver and patients alike. For information on the new LC1 for medical applications, visit our product page or our landing page The power of choice.


Choose the LC1 for various DESKLINE® high-load applications

The LC1 DESKLINE lifting column delivers the power (up to 4,000 N) and speed for perfect adjustment in even the heaviest of consoles and dispatch workstations - in a quality you can trust. Add design flexibility and ergonomics and get the perfect system solution for your mission-critical applications.

The LC1 DESKLINE is developed with both a long stroke length and compact built-in dimension to accommodate users of various heights offering optimal ergonomics. LC1 DESKLINE versions are compatible and approved with the CBD6S control box and works with all desk panels – just Plug & Play™. The combination of high lifting force, robust design, and high bending moment, makes the column an optimal choice when power and reliability is in focus.

To explore the role of the LC1 DESKLINE version in driving the future design of control consoles, visit our product page or our application page Control Room Consoles.

LINAK lifting columns LC1 family play-icon

LINAK LC1 - The power of choice

Sneek peek - LC1 DESKLINE - video image play-icon

LC1 DESKLINE - The power of trust

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