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Control room consoles

LINAK lifting columns deliver all the power and speed for perfect adjustment in even the heaviest of consoles and dispatch workstations - in a quality you can trust. Add design flexibility and ergonomics and get the perfect system solution for your mission-critical applications.

High-load control room console powered by four LINAK LC1 lifting columns

Power, flexibility, and ergonomics for consoles

When you create solutions for mission-critical command and control rooms, which are custom built for every customer and which must be built to last, you need a height-adjustable lifting system that is both flexible to integrate and which you can rely on in even the most demanding environments. Using electric linear column systems from LINAK® to achieve this will give you many advantageous benefits in your market:

  • Thoroughly tested and reliable high-load lifting columns
  • Flexible, easy to integrate systems – just Plug & Play™
  • Local partnership and presence with global experience

Operators in 24/7 hot-seat control room situations need flexible ergonomic solutions that can be adjusted to individual needs. Keeping users alert, healthy, and vigilant is paramount.

When creating solutions for mission-critical environments, such as oil and gas, military, police, power grids, industrial applications, and space exploration, as well as being ergonomically correct, your solutions must be reliable.

Tested to be trusted
In mission-critical applications, like 911 dispatch consoles, air traffic control consoles, command and control consoles, dispatch consoles and workstations, failure is simply not an option. That is why LINAK puts every product through an extensive range of tests before it leaves the factory. You can rest assured that your lifting column has been tested and built to last. When reliability is your reputation, LINAK lifting columns can be trusted to keep on delivering.

Flexibility for better design
Because all LINAK parts are designed to plug and play, they always fit and work together. This makes it easy to integrate a height-adjustable electric linear lifting system from LINAK into your control room consoles, dispatch consoles, dispatch workstations, and alike.

LINAK lifting column systems can be used as a single column, in a parallel system with 2, 3, or 4 columns, or with up to 16 columns in multi-parallel systems. That is why LINAK lifting columns have the flexibility to deliver solid performance whatever your design. With our range of lifting columns, delivering a smooth, ergonomic, precise, low-noise user movement experience is dramatically improved. And always rock solid.

We have got your back
Your customers trust your brand, and you can trust LINAK to deliver reliable, powerful, ergonomic solutions that function perfectly and protect your valuable reputation. For more than 30 years, LINAK has continuously developed electric linear actuator systems, and our extensive product portfolio covers a broad range of console designs. With LINAK as your partner you will get world-class support and industry-leading quality. With 30 local sales offices, we understand your market, speak your language and can share expertise based on global experience to keep your company competitive. Contact your local LINAK office.

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Command and control room center equipped with adjustable ergonomic high-load dispatch workstations and consoles
Sneek peek - LC1 DESKLINE - video image play-icon

LC1 DESKLINE - The power of trust

Compact series of DESKLINE control boxes from LINAK sets the standard play-icon

Compact series of DESKLINE control boxes from LINAK sets the standard


DESKLINE product overview

If you make any kind of desk, table or counter that people work at, a height adjustable electric actuator solution is the flexible way to gain a competitive edge and improve your business.

Solutions for consoles

LINAK provides powerful, high-load lifting columns for control room consoles and dispatch workstations where 24/7 reliability is mission critical.

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