News May 1, 2018

New initiatives help hospitals fight bacteria efficiently

At the hospital in the Danish city of Horsens, bacteria is fought by machine washing their adjustable beds – including the electric actuator systems attached.

Every year approx.  3,000 people in Denmark die because of an infection they have acquired in the hospital. This figure is 18 times higher than the number of people who die in traffic accidents. Denmark has strict requirements for hygiene levels in hospitals and in recent years Danish hospitals have increased their focus on hygiene.

Horsens regional hospital – an ‘innovation hospital’
A few years ago, the regional hospital in Horsens was named an 'innovation hospital. They have really given unwanted bacteria a fight with the help of an advanced automatic washing system that cleans everything from beds to ceiling sheets in operating rooms. The washing tunnel is just one of the many initiatives the Regional Hospital is carrying out to improve hygiene.

Søren Møller, Service Manager at the Regional hospital in Horsens, explains the advantages of an automatic washing system: ”There has been a focus on the fact that future aids and materials can go into the machine because they become much cleaner when washed in a machine. The machine cleans many of the items that were previously uncleaned or were cleaned by hand,” he says and elaborates:  "Today one thought is always part of my decision making when I buy, and that is whether the items can be cleaned. We must be able to clean all corners and hooks efficiently. Otherwise, they are not suitable for use in a hospital.”

A hospital bed in the washing tunnel at the Regional hospital in Horsens

A hospital bed in the washing tunnel at the Regional hospital in Horsens

The beds at the Regional Hospital in Horsens are equipped with actuator systems from LINAK so that they can be adjusted to the needs of the individual patient. Søren Møller stresses that ”it is an absolute must that LINAK factors washability into its systems. We would not buy the beds or aids on which they are placed if they were not washable. All items on the bed must be able to be washed in the washing tunnel, otherwise it will not work,” he says.

Søren Møller – Service Manager
Søren Møller – Service Manager

Read the whole story about Horsens hospital and their experiences with using washable products from LINAK here

LINAK takes part in the fight against bacteria, and all products and systems used in healthcare applications are in compliance with all required international standards. Some even exceed these requirements, as we often test far more than norms require – for instance, when it comes to washing. This is what the LINAK label “IPX6 Washable DURA™” indicates.

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