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News May 8, 2017

What you need to know about the BA001 battery

LINAK Sales Engineer Stefan answers frequently asked questions about the LINAK BA001 battery. The battery supplies power to an electric actuator solution. In short, it replaces the need for a power cord connected to a power outlet when you make adjustable mobile furniture.

What you need to know about the BA001 battery

Stefan Lorenzen is a Sales Engineer from LINAK A/S in Denmark. Along with all his colleagues, he knows everything there is to know about the BA001 battery from LINAK. Every day, he answers questions about LINAK products. He now shares the answers to the most frequently asked questions about using the BA001 in furniture design.

Why should I use a battery instead of a power outlet cable? Stefan Lorenzen, LINAK Sales Engineer at LINAK A/S in Guderup, Denmark.
Easy ergonomic electric adjustment as well as increased mobility become possible by including a battery in a piece of furniture with electric adjustment.

How many times can a battery move furniture up and down?

This depends on the actuator solution and the kind of furniture you use the BA001 with.

For instance, if we look at an ergonomic library cart, it will run around 160 full cycles up and down on one charge* - In other words, it will easily last through several workdays for a librarian. On a regular height adjustable office desk with two legs and an average load, the battery will run around 40-50 full cycles on one charge*.

How do I see the battery power level?
The battery has an intuitive status indicator where LED bars indicate the capacity level. An audio alarm also beeps when it hits 25 percent capacity to alert you that it is time to recharge soon.

What do I do if it runs out of power?

Charge the battery or replace it with a charged battery. With flexible charging, you just plug a power cable into the control box on the furniture and leave it to charge overnight. It will be ready in the morning.

You can also switch off the BA001 battery and recharge it via an external power source.

How do I replace the battery?

This is easy. A practical bracket makes it simple to snap the battery on and off when you want to replace it. The bracket is always included.

Does it use power when it is not in use?
The BA001 has ZERO™ technology, which ensures that it has standby power consumption lower than 0.1W when not in use.

Where do I fit the battery?
Fit the battery next to the control box in a solution. The BA001 also has integrated wire management where practical grooves on the back of the battery can manage and secure wires when mounted.

Do you have any questions Stefan did not answer?
You are welcome to contact your local LINAK subsidiary for more information about the battery BA001 from LINAK.

* Depends on the load. Small adjustments during the day count as partial cycles - not as a full cycle.

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