News January 31, 2019

New 3D-configurator to speed up your design process

To help render detailed 3D-images of LINAK products and thereby shorten your design phase, LINAK® just introduced an online 3D-configurator built by CADENAS PART solutions.

It is now possible to customize your LINAK actuator model to match your exact needs, and directly download a data sheet for your specified product. The 3D-configurator on the LINAK website aims to help our customers shorten the time spent implementing our solutions in industrial machinery during the design phase.

This level of customization will especially help design engineers decide exactly what LINAK product to use. A number of parameters, such as stroke length, back fixtures or piston rod eyes, can be entered and changed until the designer has the right specifications.

New 3D-configurator to speed up your design process

Starting with the linear actuator LA36
The LINAK 3D-configurator will feature the durable actuator LA36 to begin with.
However, more actuators and other products are planned to follow. 
If you wish to know specifications and options for other LINAK® actuators, require information about fast ordering of standard products, or you  need help with your specified product code, please do not hesitate to contact your local LINAK office

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