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LINAK electric actuators provide intelligent automation of packaging processes by adjusting machinery to fit various product sizes and shapes.

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Packaging machines

All-in-one actuators for packaging machines

There is an increasing need for automation in industrial packaging. Flexibility is a key factor and the ability to quickly adjust the machine for different package sizes and shapes is prioritized. However, this often comes at the price of more complex systems and large investments. But, with electric actuators, you have a reliable solution with numerous benefits to give you the competitive edge.

  • Green and clean system with low energy consumption
  • All-in-one solutions with low maintenance requirements
  • Cost-efficient solutions from local suppliers

The sentence “bigger, better, faster” fits the picture of industrial packaging today. There is a trend towards electricity in general, and customers require being able to monitor and precisely adjust machinery height, lift safety covers or precisely position, for instance, a sealing unit. All of course with a minimum waste of time. 

Make it green and save energy
Electric actuators have no power consuming compressors or oil pumps. This means there is only an imperceptible power consumption when the actuator is in standby mode, i.e., not moving. In addition, electric actuators have no weak spots like a hose connection and thus no possible oil leaks to pollute the surroundings or stain packages. With LINAK actuator solutions, you aim for the lowest possible CO₂ footprint.

Get advanced simplicity and cut maintenance costs
The absence of hoses, pumps and compressors makes maintenance of electric actuators unnecessary. At the same time, the compact LINAK design and the extensive variety of sizes make them significantly easier to install than other actuators. Finally, once installed the intelligent solution integrates with almost any control system allowing for better monitoring, control options, and increased automation.

Cut costs and downtime to a minimum
LINAK actuators have less mechanical parts compared to other types of actuators. All products are thoroughly tested prior to release, and this combination means less wear, longer lifetime, and significantly less downtime. Generally, the easy integration and all-in-one setup make solutions plug-and-play, and easily accessible LINAK experts are always nearby to help you get the most cost-efficient solution possible.

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LINAK electric actuators - accurate movement in packaging machines


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Actuator solutions from LINAK - perfect movement for industrial automation applications


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Actuator solutions from LINAK - perfect movement for industrial automation applications

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