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Industrial automation

Food and beverage automation

LINAK actuator solutions improve ergonomics in work tables and help tilt and open lids on cooking kettles, dishwashers and large frying pans in industrial kitchens.

Food and beverage automation

Safe actuator solution in industrial kitchens

Proper ergonomic design has gained ground in recent years, and is no longer just a thing for office employees only. Working consecutive hours standing by the table in an industrial kitchen and engaging in repetitive movement patterns can wear down even the strongest chef. Integrating electric actuators in kitchen tables and appliances can improve the professional workplace in several ways:

  • Improve safety with well-tested actuator solutions
  • Install clean and cost-effective actuators easily
  • Get flexible solutions to fit your needs

Safety is a number one priority in modern industrial kitchens full of boiling pots, frying pans, greasy handles and possibly slippery floors. Adjusting the worktable to the ergonomically optimal height is as important as having an actuator do some of the tilts and lifts of hot, wet or heavy appliances. LINAK electric actuators can help safely open lids on boiling kettles, lock covers on mixers, or lower containers into fat fryers.

Keep kitchen staff safe with reliable movement
LINAK actuators are tested thoroughly to work unaffected even in very rough conditions. From fluctuating temperatures to continuous vibration, shocks or bumps, the actuators will keep working. And by the end of the workday, they cope easily with mandatory washing too. 

Save both energy and maintenance
Modern electric actuators only use power when moving. Standby consumption is close to zero and the absence of pneumatic and hydraulic pumps, compressors and hoses makes electric actuators significantly easier to install. There's also no potential oil spill or other pollutants from LINAK actuators and, for the same reasons, maintenance is unnecessary.

Enjoy flexible solutions which fit your application
No two kitchens are alike. Sizes and functions vary, and often LINAK actuator solutions are customized for food and beverage appliances in cooperation with manufacturers. With a worldwide presence, LINAK assistance and products are always nearby.
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Linear actuator LA31
Actuator solutions from LINAK - Perfect movement for industrial automation applications play-icon

Actuator solutions from LINAK - perfect movement for industrial automation applications

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Focus on food and beverage

With the stainless steel actuator range from LINAK, both food safety and ergonomics are in focus.

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Industrial automation solutions

LINAK actuators provide intelligent movement, precise adjustment, and accurate loading within modern industrial automation.

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Learn more about the electric actuator technology used in food and beverage automation. Watch our videos and be inspired.

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With IC and BUS communication you can plug & play your way to monitoring your actuators play-icon

With IC and BUS communication you can plug & play your way to monitoring your actuators

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