Pellet heating systems

LINAK electric actuators create durable movement to remove ashes effectively and help keep grates in pellet heaters clean.

Pellet heating

Actuator solutions for pellet heaters

An increased focus on more CO₂-neutral heating systems has made customers look at wood pellets. Concurrently prices have aligned with those of gas and oil, making pellet ovens even more viable. However, ovens need to be clean and ash and cinder removed to get the optimal amount of energy out of the wooden chips. Electric actuator solutions can add even more value to modern ovens:

  • Clean and low-energy movement
  • Easy installation with hardly any maintenance
  • Durable actuation tested and certified to take heat and dust

Reliability and durability are keywords when it comes to pellet heating. Combustion chambers need to be fed regularly, cinder has to be removed from burn pots to ash pans and pipes have to be dredged. Electric actuators move augers, shutters and valves to keep your pellet oven operational and optimize energy output.

Keep pellet heating clean and automated
Intelligent actuator solutions help keep the interior of your pellet oven clean. This helps optimize energy output as well as prolonging the life of your heater. Integrated, and as part of the overall control system, electric actuators automate heating and save energy compared to other solutions.

Make mounting easy and maintenance unnecessary
LINAK actuators are easy to install. There are no pumps or compressors with attached hoses – everything is within the actuator itself. This means no need for maintenance – not even in the event of a power cut. Intelligent solutions feature alarms and emergency settings to keep the pellet heater safe.

Get durable and thoroughly tested solutions
Heat and dust are inevitable elements around a pellet heating system. This is why LINAK electric actuators are thoroughly tested and certified to cope with harsh conditions. And, the whole actuator solution is water resistant and allows for wiping or washing.
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TECHLINE product overview

Explore the wide variety of tough and powerful TECHLINE products. Built to last, built for hard work and built for work in harsh environments.

Focus on pellet heating

In recent years, heat production with wood energy has increased considerably. More and more domestic homes heat with wood pellets while industries mainly use woodchips.

LINAK test brochure

Each and every component in an actuator is subjected to a comprehensive battery of tests at the LINAK test center. Learn more in this folder.

Energy solutions

LINAK actuators improve energy efficiency when opening hatches and hoods on wind turbines, automating pellet ovens, as well as when moving solar panels towards the sun.

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Videos related to pellet heating

Learn more about the electric actuator technology used in pellet heating. Watch our videos and be inspired.

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Move for the Future - Actuators with Integrated Controller


With IC and BUS communication you can plug & play your way to monitoring your actuators


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