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Energy solutions

LINAK actuators improve energy efficiency when opening hatches and hoods on wind turbines, automating pellet ovens, as well as when moving solar panels towards the sun.

Improve energy efficiency with actuator solutions 

Since COP21 in Paris, the drive to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions has intensified. Around the world citizens, organizations and governments are focused on increasing the amount of green energy produced, and minimizing CO₂ emissions from existing energy sources. With a LINAK electric actuator, you can improve your energy application and get the advantages of:

  • Flexible and low-energy solutions, easy to install
  • Eco-friendly and maintenance-free actuators
  • Guaranteed tested and durable products

With locations such as in the middle of the sea, in the burning sun or in dusty surroundings near a pellet oven, equipment and materials in the energy business are consistently put to the test. As the demands for cleaner and more CO₂-neutral energy production increase, technology is becoming even more refined and plays an active part in every detail. LINAK actuator solutions help minimize energy waste when opening hatches and locking brakes in wind turbines, create motion in solar tracking panels, and remove cinders in pellet ovens.

Increase energy efficiency in any application
The fact that electronic actuators are not reliant on pumps or compressors makes them inherently more energy efficient. Standby consumption is extremely low, and the compact actuator design makes solutions very flexible and able to fit almost any application. For the same reasons, LINAK solutions are conveniently easy to install.

Make it easy to be green
It goes without saying that the low energy consumption adds to the improved CO₂ footprint. So does the absence of oil spills occasionally released from other types of actuator. Without hoses, pumps and compressors, LINAK solutions need almost no maintenance, i.e., the risk of downtime is minimized significantly.

Rely on durable solutions with a long lifetime
All LINAK actuators are thoroughly tested prior to release. Bumps, shock, vibration, humidity, water, fluctuations in temperature, and even electromagnetic radiation tests are all covered by the LINAK R&D test center. This means high reliability as well as guaranteed durability.



Focus on pellet heating

In recent years, heat production with wood energy has increased considerably. More and more domestic homes heat with wood pellets while industries mainly use woodchips.

Focus on solar tracking

Product catalogue presenting an overview of the LINAK solar product range - designed with all challenges in mind.

Focus on wind turbines

A world of movement and opportunities for wind turbines - LINAK delivers high quality actuator solutions for wind applications, developed over 15 years in close cooperation with the wind industry.

LINAK test brochure

Each and every component in an actuator is subjected to a comprehensive battery of tests at the LINAK test center. Learn more in this folder.

TECHLINE product overview

Explore the wide variety of tough and powerful TECHLINE products. Built to last, built for hard work and built for work in harsh environments.

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