Solutions for valves

LINAK actuators provide advanced flow control of valves in, for instance, facilities for wastewater treatment, pulp and paper or waste handling.

Solutions for valves

LINAK actuators provide advanced flow control of valves in, for instance, facilities for wastewater treatment, pulp and paper or waste handling.

Control flow with actuator solutions for valves

Focus on maintaining sustainable production flows has become a core issue for many production or treatment facilities in recent decades. Whether the core business is wastewater, paper pulp, or food processing, managers strive to be efficient when converting to a more CO₂-neutral operation. Using LINAK electric actuators in valve systems permits both precise flow control and several other valuable advantages.

  • Thoroughly tested and maintenance-free actuators
  • Low-energy solutions which are easier to install
  • Actuator position feedback for easy control

To increase efficiency while switching to a more sustainable operation calls for new and innovative solutions. When it comes to facilities using heavy load valves, reliability and a higher degree of automation are key parts of the equation. Whether it is a tilting weir in a water treatment facility or a butterfly valve in a sewage system, a LINAK actuator solution can help provide easy automation for both.

Rely on sturdy and well-tested actuators
Every LINAK product goes through a regime of harsh tests before it is put in service. Actuators must be able to cope, for example, with bumps, shocks, and relentless vibration. In addition, they need to demonstrate resistance to water, heat, frost and, in some cases, dust. All products must meet required standards to guarantee customers flawless performance and a long service life in all environmental conditions.

Save energy with solutions which are easy to install
Unlike, for instance, pneumatic actuator systems, the electric counterpart has no hoses, pumps or compressors. This makes electric solutions far easier to install and less dependent on maintenance. Actuators from LINAK have compact designs without traditional weak spots, which makes them very easy to install. Finally, standby energy consumption is almost zero, making these solutions the most eco-friendly.

Integrate intelligence into your system
Modern valve solutions are expected to fully integrate with the general facility system. With modern electric actuators, you will be able monitor and control the valve position from your control board or even your computer screen. LINAK IC™ technology (Integrated Controller) helps provide precise position feedback as well as smooth movement to obtain perfect flow control in all situations.



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