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News February 8, 2016

Control Panels uniquely developed for kitchens

Control up to three individual movements with just one control panel. That is now possible thanks to the newly launched control panels DPF2K and DPF3K, specially developed for kitchens.

Control panels uniquely developed for kitchens

In a kitchen, it is possible to have adjustable kitchen furniture and functionalities in various places. This could be a height adjustable kitchen island, a hidden extractor hood, a multifunctional side table or parts of cabinets coming down for storage optimisation.

To control all these movements, you need control panels. Specially developed for the kitchen industry, we have now launched two control panels with up to three references/individual movements. The new control panels are called DPF2K and DPF3K (part of the Desk Panel DPF family).

With the new control panels, you can adjust various adjustable elements of the kitchen separately with just one device. Imagine that you have a hidden extractor hood in a kitchen island that is height adjustable. With the DPF2K, you can e.g. adjust the hood independently of the kitchen island.

Or, take a look at this video of the Danish kitchen manufacturer HTH, part of Swedish Nobia, who has various cabinets for optimised storage. With the DPF3K, you can adjust the cabinets individually with just one device.

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